Will he return to SmackDown or RAW?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. So on RAW we got an amazing Wade Barrett video package when he's returning to his roots and states the barrage will continue. On what show will it continue though? Obviously it's likely he'll appear on both but where will his feud be? Personally I'm hoping for RAW main event.
  2. Does anything significant ever happen on smackdown?
  3. The RAW Main event is a cluster fuck at the moment.
  4. Smackdown. Orton's got nothing going on. Sheamus has to drop that title.
  5. He'll return on RAW, but be there for Smackdown. Just like Orton.
  6. Either way, he has to ME.
  7. Well for one it won't be the main event.
    And two it will be RAW.
  8. I hope it's SD to take that belt of Sheamus least then I might be tempted to switch on teh SD main event if Barrett was in it.
  9. I would think it would be better suited if he returned to Smackdown, and had a decent run as WHC.
  10. Not sure which show he'll return on but he'll be more active on SD I think.
  11. What if he doesn't? :pipebomb: @[Teen Gohan Randy Savage]
  12. I hope he goes to Smackdown to feud with Sheamus after ADR has been disposed of. I can see Barrett being the reason Dolph cashes in the MITB briefcase.

  13. You see Barrett actually going over Sheamful aka Big Nose v 2? He would simple dissolve all momentum Barrett would have.
  14. Yeah, that white shit will just absorb Barrett like he was nothing.
  15. This, and crayo isnt good enough for the nWo.
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