Battleground Will it "end" at Battleground?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. - With the brand split looming and the possibility of their not being on the same show when July 25 rolls around, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens may not have much longer to “fight forever”.

    I am not sure if this should be a spoiler or not since the match was confirmed on Raw. I think most people saw it coming though so I didn't spoiler it. That being said, do you think this feud will actually end? I mean I don't know the background of it on NXT or anything but I know it was a big deal to WWE and some fans to keep it going. Now, I for one don't think it will end here simply because it isn't a big PPV. It would make more sense to end it at Summerslam, or possibly keep it going till Wrestlemania. Thoughts?
  2. These two will be involved with each other some way or another throughout the rest of their careers. It's that ingrained. Even if split up by separate brands I don't see it ending until one man is retired. I'm looking forward to their eventual tag team run
  3. Seperating them so they can move on and achieve main event success on each show to only have their paths cross again as champions. That's the way it should go. Owens/Zayn, Steen/Generico will never end they're destined to do this forever.
  4. Thy need to end it now.. I like Owens but i have no investment in this feud whatsoever.. Maybe because i don't give a damn about Sami Zayn, i have no reason to care about anything this guy does. Owens needs to move on to the IC Title picture or something, i've seen these guys fight forever and it's never anything different.
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    It'll never truly end, because they're destined to fight forever.

    But, it might 'end' at Battleground, at least for the time being. I can see a stipulation added to the match, even though it's simply a singles match as of this week's Monday night Raw.

    Hyped for their match!
  6. The world? Yes. The battleground will likely be in the middle east.

    Oh rasslin? Idk. :okay:
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  7. SummerSlam for their current feud, probably. But they'll always be Cena like and Orton, cept less cool. Well, Owens is up there. Nvm.
  8. Cena vs Orton hasn't been worth watching in some years now. Is Orton going to come back or did he retire? :hmm:
  9. He's coming back. He wants the money.

    I think zayn and Owens will "conclude" at summerslam. But, it will crop up now and then.
  10. Didn't he get hurt or re-injured last year taking out his garbage or something? :dawg:
  11. He did get injured while taking out the trash, but he's expected back anytime now.
  12. Yeah, he has a chronic problem with his shoulder that makes is extremely vulnerable to dislocations.

    It won't end, but this chapter of their story will be put away at Battleground or at SummerSlam.
  13. Well, lets hope he comes back improved. I don't want another Randy "Robot" Orton run
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  14. Yeah because orton throws away lite weight dumbells into his trash from his intense workouts. It all added up and he threw his shoulder out....

    But seriously, he wants the money so he will return at least part time I'm sure
  15. True, Orton needs motivation. I hope he starts competing for midcard titles once he returns.
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