Will it ever be considered as competition?

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  1. For the WWE. At the moment it's not, but do you think it ever will be? WWE isn't just a wrestling corporation any-more, it's a brand. It's a global phenomenon in terms of business and marketing. People hate on PG-era, but thanks to that we have WWE in award shows, charities and much more. They're globally massive. Whether you like it or not, it's miles ahead of TNA as a business.

    I want TNA to be massive competition for WWE, like WCW was. We'd then see a much better WWE product than we're seeing now. Do you think TNA will ever do it? Do you think they can? How can they? Discuss.
  2. Difficult. Modern-times, then no. I don't think it'll match WWE for years. Unless WWE really fucked up big time then I don't see how it can ever. Unless they get backing from a major network, I really don't see it.
  3. No body can Vince has been burned once and never will allow it again. Even if TNA did get big he'd buy them out before they became a threat.
  4. You think they'd sell? Wish he bought them now tbh, would love a TNA invasion angle. (Sorry to any TNA hardcore fans).
  5. I wonder if they would actually sell.
  6. Panda energy apparently has more money then Vince but wrestling is just a hobby for Bob Carter's daughter Dixie were as wrestling is Vince's livelihood. So if he wanted to buy it I can see him getting his way.
  7. Panda Energy? Huh?
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panda_Energy_International

    The Carter family own that. Though I doubt it's worth is more than WWE in my opinion.
  9. Panda energy is privately traded company so doesn't release it's numbers to the public however it's a pretty common rumor that Bob has more money then Vince. It could be untrue I'm unsure.
  10. But it's quite small in terms of its competition, obviously still makes a lot of money. But WWE is a massive brand now. I suppose we could debate this all day without any factual numbers to base it on.
  11. Will it ever be competition? Probably not.

    WWE isn't even a wrestling corporation in my eyes anymore. Most of it is just little kids and their mothers. WCW had a rare fanbase at the time, one that will never be duplicated.

    If the WWE Network bombs, I can see Panda Energy swooping in and buying it ;]
  12. 18-35 is the most popular age-group for WWE fans at the moment.

    WWE wouldn't ever sell to Panda Energy, lol.
  13. I can almost guarentee you that WWE has a part in TNA already. Ask yourself this question. What happens to all the "free agents" in the WWE? If they are not generating enough popularity, WWE will send them to TNA. Ask yourself this question as well. What free agents havn't went to TNA yet? (Angle, Hardy, Melina, Mickie :emoji_heart:, Gail Kim... they all have) All their contracts expired, so they all went to TNA.

    Now ask yourself this question as well; Why would Cena threaten Vince with going to TNA, right before Vince was about to fire Cena, but Triple H came out and relieved Vince.
    Is this all making sense now?

    As far as, "Will it ever get bigger then the WWE"? No. Not even close... Ever.
  14. He didn't directly name TNA, he just said other companies. Like CM Punk said RoH and NJPW in his shoot.

    I see your point, however they refuse to mention TNA in any-form, however that's probably because it's a great business move. They don't see TNA as competition now that is completely clear, but the thread is mainly about can TNA ever become a threat?
  15. Oh, well then no, TNA will never become a threat. It's like a baby sister to WWE.
  16. Could it do anything to change that? Or is it just forever doomed.
  17. The point about wrestlers isn't really valid. I mean Hogan, Savage, Luger , Hall and Nash all moved to WCW before Vince bought them. It's just a wrestler being out of work and going to the next best option. I thought the Cena comment was more about Hogan leaving for WCW also I know he didn't mention names so we'll never know.
  18. It's forever doomed, @[Crayo]

    @[seabs], Their contract might be outdated to be on TV, but they're still owned by WWE, sort of. It's just my opinion, but I believe Vince trades them, in exchange for money.
  19. They have actual contracts which do expire though. Their name might be owned by the WWE but the performers themselves aren't owned.
  20. Well, if you go bankrupt, you kinda have to. Thats how much money and dependance they are putting into WWE Network succeeding.