Will Jack Swagger ever leave the under-card again?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Jul 23, 2015.

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  1. Jack Swagger's career has been up-and-down, to say the least. He's a former ECW Champion, Money in the Bank winner and a former World Heavyweight Champion, but he's also lost to the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay, in mere seconds. However, in my opinion, this is undoubtedly the lowest point he's been at since he signed with WWE in mid-2006. A year ago, he was an upper mid-carder and was involved in a storyline in which he posed a great threat to Rusev's undefeated streak. One year later and he only appears on RAW and SmackDown once every few weeks to lose to a mid-carder and I was genuinely surprised that he defeated Adam Rose on Superstars this week. He's probably the biggest jobber on the entire roster currently. I think this will be his last year with the company and I wouldn't be shocked if he got released when WWE decide to do their annual talent cuts. Do you think Jack Swagger will ever make it back to the mid/upper mid-card/main event? Does he have any hope of holding a championship again?
  2. Nope. I actually like Swagger and I feel bad for him and (Barrett) for being booked the way they have been for a while.
  3. He's an OK talent, but nothing that special imo. It's possible he'll get a random push at some point because I think they like(d) him, but maybe they've just given up.
  4. Biggest jobber on the roster... Heath Slater and Curtis Axel are still employed, m8
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    No, I honestly still think he's the biggest jobber. He hasn't won a match in months. He doesn't even appear on non-wrestling shows! Like Slater and Axel often appear on WWE Network shows like Swerved, Swagger's never been on that! I sometimes forget he's even employed by the company.
  6. Hopefully not. He's a great worker and in-ring talent, but he just doesn't have the charisma or mic skills to sustain interest as a character for very long. He works best in a tag team for that reason imo. Otherwise, he's just a good hand. They tried giving him a serious push as a singles competitor in the past and they never reaped any fruitful results from it except for when he got over during his feud with Rusev, but let's be honest - you could have put literally almost anyone in that same role and they could have gotten over all the same (and even then, Zen did most of the talking for him as his mouthpiece.) They even put Swagger over Orton clean as a sheet at Extreme Rules 2010 (when Orton was red-hot as a babyface) and it did nothing for him.

    It was rumored a month ago that Swagger is so frustrated with how the company sees his value that he's considering leaving once his contract is up.
  7. If Swags does leave he is legit money in Japan. He's like handcrafted for that scene. Big money in him as a big monster foreigner
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  8. I feel so bad for superstars such as BNB and Swagger. Great wrestlers that are wasted. Thus WWE ends up cutting them.
  9. If he could develop a funny bone, I'd like him a lot better.
  10. RIP Swagger's WWE Career.

    I will now present my favourite Swagger Moment.

  11. I had hopes for Swagger in 2013 when he became the number one contender... Then he did weed and was buried... there's no hope for him anymore, they killed off Zeb Colter last year now Swagger is back in jobber land, where soon he's gonna be released.
  12. Swagger isn't very entertaining to me and never really has been. He's not even close to the charisma of Kurt angle.

    He sucks and I hope he leaves.
  13. If he does leave, then I'd love to see him in NJPW, LUG or ROH, tbh.
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  14. That feud is what killed the babyface momentum that Alberto Del Rio was gradually building up for himself. I hated Swagger winning that elimination chamber match. It should have gone to Mark Henry instead.

    ADR vs Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship is a more interesting and much easier feud to sell, especially for a Wrestlemania.
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