Will James Storm Be The One Who Tames The Wolves?

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    Since coming to TNA, The Wolves have been unstoppable. They've taken on all challengers, they've captured and held onto the TNA World Tag Team Championships for the better part of the year. They've even defeated two of the most legendary tag teams of all-time, The Hardys and Team 3D, in a best-of-3 series this summer. It seemed as if nothing could stop the run The Wolves are on....

    Then, last week on IMPACT, we saw James Storm approach the Tag Team Champions and begin an attempt to recruit Davey Richards. In the end, Davey and Eddie left together, but a seed of doubt was planted. What exactly was Storm's intentions and why would Richards even listen enough to let him in?

    We've seen a very strange and scary shift in Storm over the past several months. We've seen him lead The Great Sanada to turn on his mentor. We've seen him attack and transform Manik. Could Davey Richards be the next to "pledge to the Revolution"?

    We caught up with Eddie Edwards, who had the following to say. "James Storm is crazy. It's easy for anyone to see. Davey and I have been partners for years. We've travelled the world together and proven ourselves to be the best team in the sport today. No one - and I do mean no one - can tame the Wolves. Storm may want to play his little mind games, but if he thinks he's going to mess with The Wolves, he's going to be the next one hunted down."

    Unfortunately, IMPACTWrestling.com attempted to "hunt down" Edwards' tag team partner, but Davey Richards refused our repeated calls for comment. After numerous attempts, we decided to contact James Storm himself. The Cowboy was cryptic and only had a few words for us. What he said leads us to believe that this is far from over.

    "There's always one room for one more...."

    What will happen between The Wolves and James Storm? Find out this Wednesday at 9/8c on Spike TV during a huge edition of IMPACT!


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