WrestleMania Will JR Show up for Commentary Sunday?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. I remember hearing Undertaker wanted him to call his match, so I could see JR showing up to call the last two matches of the night. Anyone heard anything on this?
  2. Yeah but he won't. JR said in his blog weeks ago even though that he won't
  3. I'm positively sure that he will make a surprise entrance before the Hell in a Cell match or so and then do commentary.

    That is my prediction though.
  4. Talk about fucksucking. I can only take so much of King's sexual references and Booker's illiteracy. I need some redneck swag thrown into the mix to balance things out.
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  5. Aren't Booker and Cole involved in the 12 man tag match? I hope to God they don't plan on just letting Lawler talk to himself in that match. Maybe Teddy & Long will join him on commentary?
  6. I'm trying to play how that would go in my head. I picture Teddy as a quieter, safer version of Booker. I'm not being racist... (or am I?) but I don't see the difference between their mic skills other than loudness and fillers.
  7. Booker is the man. I love his commentary
  8. i agree jerry lawler is such a perv. they can use matt striker or the william regal character. if all else fails, they can ask john cena's dad to do it. j/k
  9. Yeah I think he will. He's played it down on Twitter saying all that "they want me there for this" stuff is only a rumour, but I can't see them not letting him be there.
  10. Without JR on commentary it's not the same the man used to make matches just by saying the right things at the right time i.e

    "Good god almighty!"

    "He's not just trying to hurt the man - he's out to end his career!"

    "Good God almighty! Good God almighty! They've killed him! As God as my witness, he is broken in half"
  11. HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I wouldn't mind JR showing up at Wrestlemania, honestly I would choose JR over Cole anyday.
  13. If Johnny Laurinaitis is not on commentary during the tag team match then I will riot. You already don't have JR at least add someone who has some passion. Jerry sucks dick and his excited expression is so fake it's not even funny.
  14. It's a shame we can't have JR and Cole, I'd much prefer that than stupid King.
  15. I dont know what the hell JR ever done to Vince but I suspect he may have pimped out Stephanie to Randy Savage (RIP). I see no other reason as to why he would be treated the way he is, when such treatment obviously has a negative impact on the product.
  16. I agree with the above post JR is a commentary legend for the WWE and the way that they utilise him is ridiculous it's just a joke.
  17. I think JR will be there Sunday as there is a picture of him at the Miami Intercontinental hotel.
  18. Damn, really want him to.
  19. RE: Will JR Show up for Commentary Sunday?

    yea !!!
  20. RE: Will JR Show up for Commentary Sunday?

    JR is one of the reasons i loved to watch the shows back in the WWF days

    "Bam Bam in deep thought: that's a scary thought on its own."

    (After Paul Bearer attacked the Rock with his shoe)
    "If the heel don't get you, the smell will."

    (After the clock dissapeared from the screen at WrestleMania 2000)
    "I think the clock got scared."
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