Will Kane's Elimination Record Be Broken by Ryback?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roi, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. ? looks possible...
  2. True, that's a nice shout. 11 right? I'm not entirely sure but it's possible.
  3. I'm hoping that it doesn't happen but it does make sense when I think about it. He's already been pushed pretty good, why not?
  4. It's not a big thing so why not? I agree with Danielson on this one.
  5. Has it been confirmed that he's taking part yet?
  6. I never even thought about that. He probably will though. I see him coming in pretty early and dominating until he either wins it or the Shield come out and get him eliminated.
  7. I never thought of this before, but come too think of it....I'm almost sure it will happen..

    Ryback will likely win the Rumble and he will eliminate the Shield..
  8. No BUT it's almost sure


    He eliminates the shield , then the shield eliminates him unfairly ....
  9. we dont know yet if the shield will enter the rumble...., so i think we are going too fast by saying the shield will eliminate ryback or viceversa
  10. Wrestling fans always get ahead of themselves, nothing new bruh.
  11. I'm guessing the Shield won't be in the Rumble. If they're all about correcting any injustice they see, I don't see the point in them entering a battle royal to qualify for a world title shot. It would be something that would pit them against each other.
  13. I hope that doesnt happen.
    Kane has already sacrificed a lot for wwe and jobbed a lot, the 11 elemination is one of the very few things that still remains legendery about him.

    Anyways, if they have to have ryback break that record then okay i guess, but NOT SO SOON. Do it in maybe 3 years later, hes still too young, and achieving that record he will have nowhere to go but down.
  14. WWE has already made Kane into a jabroni at least let him keep that record from when he was actually worth any attention
  15. I hope they don't. It's far to early for Ryback to be breaking records, it's going to ruin him. Also, I don't want him to lose that record.
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