Will Kevin Steen ever make it to the WWE or TNA?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Now as I'm sure you know I love this guy, he's a phenomenally athletic performer who can cut an entertaining promo, is young and already has a huge indie following (given ROH's growth I think he's at least tied with Punk when he signed although lagging behind Bryan, much larger than Claudio, Hero, Rollins and Ambrose however) and has The Rock as a fan, however his look may be too unique, his persona too unPG ( I'm sure similar was said about Punk however, especially if you're judging from his IWA days) and IMO the biggest flaw is a battered body, his knees are shattered after multiple surgeries for a start, he can still go but surely that's going to be a timebomb as to whether a big company takes a gamble on him, to invest and reap the rewards of him will take years, no matter how good I believe him to be.

    A few examples of what he can do :

    Against a WWE recruit El Generico -



    Against Elgin, Edwards and Roddie (Includes a short promo at the end)


    Against Davey Richards


    As you can see he can work with many different styles (Generico's lucha, Davey's more mat based approach and Elgin's powerhouse clash), plus with the WWE's rumoured interest in Jacobs that partnership may be able to continue and prosper.

    As a promo guy



    I could see people rooting for him as the anti establishment face however I don't think the WWE would invest in that character also due to previous doubts over his look and injuries I really think the time is running out for him to make the jump up.
  2. He is an exceptional worker, and absolutely beasty on the mic. Would he be able to tone it down for the WWE? Well yeah, he worked the majority of his career as a babyface, so it's possible.
  3. Working as a babyface in the WWE is a whole other kettle of fish though.
  4. He's great IMO but he's not very tall and he's rotund. WWE doesn't hire guys with that look. The only 2 fat guys I can think of in the WWE , are Clay and Tensai, and they're both much taller than Steen. TNA is a more likely destination as they take chances on smaller (in height) guys.
  5. There aren't many guys who look like Steen full stop though lol, bigger chunkier guys seem to be common in general, I can't think of anyone who has his look.
  6. Cut some weight, and he'll easily get into one of two major companies for sure. It's a no brainer for me.

    I believe the weight is the only thing holding him back. Everything else about this guy - MONEY.
  7. Why won't TNA sign...

    Kevin Steen.

    Simple Question?
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  9. RE: Why won't TNA sign...

    Simple answer: they're stupid.

    Steen should be offered double the some get in TNA.
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