Will more join The Shield?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone think they will call up other NXT superstars to join The Shield to be the next big faction? Or is it simply going to be a case of burying Shield asap by feeding them to this guy :happy:
  2. I don't think anyone else will join the Shield.
  3. This is what will happen IMO, it'll be a fast track to Barrett at TLC vs Cena with Ambrose in the Wade role.
  4. Both. Add Byron Saxton & Brad Maddox, then bury them all! :bury:
    WM 29 Triple H vs the NXT roster in a handicap buried alive match

    I don't think shield should be a faction. Two of the guys I know are great singles competitors, so they shouldn't be held down by being in Nexus 2.0. I'd hate to see it happen to these guys the way it did with the original nexus where now only 2 of those guys are relevant (& yes i'm ignoring slater & gabriel)
  5. i hope not as it gives them less chance to show what they can do
  6. I hope not, it's pretty much perfect the way it is now.
  7. It's just perfect with it being these three guys. Keep it the way it is. And no managers either, since that's been suggested elsewhere as well.
  8. I love this faction. All 3 men are extremely talented and I hope this can develop into some chances to appear in singles competitions and future feuds.
  9. I think it's the second thing you said Crayo, feed these guys to Ryback and eventually have them fued with each other.

    I do think Maddox will join them, just to be the guy who takes most of the damage when the others leave him in the ring with Ryback.

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  10. Looks like John Laurinaitis might if he comes back tonight.
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