Kayfabe Will Neilson, Rhys Who??

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    *A Camera pans to a car outside of the arena someone steps outside the car but you cannot tell it is becuase it only shows there shoes. The camera continues to follow the mysterious shoes until the mysterious boots get to some stairs. The stairs look like they go to the arena, which is confirmed by the tunnel and stuff. Then a familiar theme song hits and the crowd begins to boo louder then ever*

    *Chris Parks Walks down to the ring with a swag like walk when he gets in the ring and raises one hand and pro goes off around him he grabs a mic and begins to speak*

    This crowd is booing me more than when the sea hawks lost here, oh wait sugar the mic was on, can we edit that out, oh no we are live, oh well, the sea hawks suck anyway. However back to the point Rhys Haze or summin or other wants to get involved in Antonio and My business he has no right to get ivolved.
    *The crowd begin to cheer and the name of Rhys, however they quickly go back to booing at the mention of himself and Antonio*
    The fact that you fans still thing Tony and Myself still care what you think is ridiculous. Yah know this Rhys dude wants to get involved in our business, he will suffer the same fate as everyone else, a double super kick to the face. And you people might not agree with me but me and Tony are the most dominant, destructive and devastating tag team in WWEF history and we prove that week in and week out
    He goes to continue speaking however gets cut off by the familiar sound of Rhys Haze theme song
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  2. Rhys' music plays louder than ever as he slowly walks out with a mic in hand to confront his new arch enemy: Chris parks. He listens to the crowds long cheers until they fade away as his music continues to play. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp and his music cuts out. He puts the mic to his mouth...

    Rhys: Hello Chris. *Rhys' nerves have caught up with him, too scared to speak out against Chris he lets the crowd continue to make noise before ganing the confidence to talk again*

    Rhys: Chris. Fancy seeing you here... I had noooo idea you would be man enough to call me out! *Rhys begins his slow walk towards the ring* I heard you want to give me a: 'Double superkick' to the face??? Wheres your puppet master Antonio to be your other half? *He now stands at the front of the ring and climbs the ropes and slowly enters the ring.* Wills not here. Antonios not here. Lets get this over with, Night of Champions is too far away! *Rhys, the high flyer standing at just under 6' looks up to stare at the Monster towering him at over 7'.*

    Rhys goes for his own signature superkick but Chris suddenly reacts, pushing his flying foot out of the way and spinning him around. He pushes rhys down with all his might as Antonio's music breaks up the brawl. They freeze as they both wait for the arrival of ones second new rival and ones partner in crime.

    Rhys: God damn it...
  3. *Antonios music begins to play with a reception of boos, he looks annoyed at the 2 men in the ring*

    *Antonio gets in the ring and begins to speak*

    WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING! Wait till Night of Champions, Chris for god sake! I never thought I would be the one to say this but you need to calm down
    *Antonio looks back over at Rhys and continues to speak again*
    Rhys, I don't really know you kiddo. However what I do know is that you're poking your nose in places, which literally have nothing to do with you. Have you not seen what we've been doing round here? However I have a match at Night Of Champions for the Iron Man championship, so I can worry about you two arguing, it's stupid.
    *Antonio begins to walk round the ring pacing and getting slightly more angry at the men as they keep pushing each other*

    *Both men stop pushing each other, Antonio looks up and continues walking round the ring until he finally gets to the second rope and sits down on the top rope*
    Right, now that got your attention didn't it? Right Rhys you seem to be hanging around with the wrong kind of people, In other words Will Neilson, I mean you're young and new and all that so, why don't you not get on the wrong side of me and Chris and Get a double SuperKick and why don't you join us whatcha say?
    Before Rhys can answer a very familiar theme begins to play, that being Will Neilson*
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  4. *Will Neilson's music hits, but he is nowhere to be seen, after 30 seconds he jumps over the barricade, kendo stick in hand. He climbs in the ring and hands the kendo stick to Rhys and then grabs a microphone.*

    Will: Join you? I wouldn't join you till the day I die, simply because we got the guys that are loved by the crowd, *Points at him and Rhys, crowd cheer.* and we have the guys who are hated by the crowd! *Points at Antonio and Chris, crowd boo.* You see.... the reason Rhys wanted to join me, is as he said, to stop the start of your path of destruction in Precision. Week 1 - I myself get taken out by you Antonio, Week 2 - Chrissy Pissy over here joins you, I beat the hell out of you, and Week 3 - Right Now.

    *Will Neilson goes to hit Chris but Chris grabs him by the throat, Rhys goes the save Will but suffers the same fate. The 7' monster double chokeslams Will and Rhys, Antonio then picks Will up on his shoulders and hits the roundhouse kick. Finally, what Chris promised to do earlier on, the two men both lift Rhys up and double super kick him, they leave the ring as Will and Rhys are lying down both out cold, their music hits to signal the end of the segment.*

    OOC: @TheFrostyBlur - I think these promos are enough for a match between @Solarxpixel and @ChrisPBacon69.
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