Will people get sick of Brodus Clay?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Him squashing randomers and now making Ziggler look less than average (kayfabe) is going to make people sick of him, surely? Clay was the IWC darling a few weeks back.
  2. I can't see the casuals turning on him tbh, he's just got that likeability to him. He does need a story but he'll survive for a few more weeks squashing imo.
  3. I'm already sick of him. Fuck that fat douchebag.
  4. His gimmick will get old eventually thats why they need to move him up to doing a feud
  5. I knew making him beat Ziggler like that would get everyone on the internet riled up. And I agree on two things: Brodus should be given a storyline and competitive matches along with Ziggler being in the Main Event. If people get sick of Brodus it'll be on their genius booking, a good idea with the gimmick that will get shit as result due to them not knowing what to do with the guy.
  6. They will unless they give him some competition. Like a feud with Tensai.
    It's all about him atm. 0.5/3 match and 2.5/3 entrance and dancing. Could get annoying at some point.
  7. I'm slightly getting sick of him.
  8. Him going over Dolph is annoying enough, but Dolph has been booked like a jobber for 3 weeks against his ass.

    Week 1.) Gets headbutted and clowned like a bitch
    Week 2.) Tag match lasts ~5 minutes, ends with Ziggler getting clowned by the 5 moves of Funky Doom
    Week 3.) Ziggler gets owned in 5 seconds and Swagger has to interfere to save him.

    It's disgusting
  9. That's making Ziggler look like real shit, to be honest.
  10. I'm sick of him. The dance is stale. The gimmick is stale. I don't find either of his divas attractive. The divas dance is also stale. His continuous squash style even with non jobbers is quite annoying. People are afraid of him, yet hes also supposed to be a joke. I don't get it.
  11. The dance and gimmick aren't stale in my opinion - it's a very new gimmick so it's tough to get stale, the pointless appearances and squashes are stale however. Does squashing randomers result in what they want - "Oh look, Brodus squashed Ziggler, he's a tough guy, he should fight for the title!, or does it result in "LOL ZIGGLER JUST GOT OWNED BY A FAT GUY WHO LOOKS GAY"? The latter is my answer.
  12. lol. I guess you're right. Now that I think about it, that win really got him no where even though he beat a former #1 contender.

    Off Topic: What ever happened to Ziggler's opportunity anyway? I remember him facing John Cena, but he just lost and went on with his mid card career. Wtf?
  13. Vince got bored of him probably.
  14. I sent Vince a text and asked him wtf was up with Ziggler's de-push and he replied "Too much teeth on his blowjobs".
  15. Lol'd.

    Maybe it's like Miz, he has nothing to do atm, but whilst he has nothing to do he can make everyone else look amazing. I still see DZ being a WWE champion this year.
  16. That's what really kills me. After his epic SD run in 2010 and a very good 2011 on Raw people were calling for this to be Ziggler's year. Obviously it's still early in 2012 but to see him being treated like shit is crushing my hopes and dreams. He was one of the few guys who could take the IC belt or US belt and make them feel like they meant something.
  17. That seems to be his problem when a guy is so good, such as Punk, Jericho and Miz that they can maintain their overness without much booking support they get abused to high heaven.
  18. He'll obviously be always over with casual fans, but for the delicate bitches of the internet (cept' for most people on this site of course) it's a bit harder. Clay going over Ziggler is a step in the right direction for the majority of the IWC to hate him. He's a cool guy to me though.
  19. I don't think so h3e just started being liked
  20. As long as he can keep what he is doing fresh and interesting people will be interesting. Having him just do squash matches won't help but at least he seems to be a in a real program now which should help.
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