Will Punk do something extraordinary?

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  1. He closed the biggest show in history with a heel turn, it's the summer and he's the posterboy for night of champions. Will we see Punk do something awesome in terms of storyline soon? Some have said things like taking the title hostage which I think is cool but too similar to last year.
  2. I doubt it. WWE might try to recapture last summer's momentum with a similar storyline but that ship has sailed. He needs to do something different from his last big storyline if he wants to make a real splash, and I don't see it happening.

    I know I won't be able to take him serious if he is suddenly like 'umm. hey guys I'm totally pissed at WWE again! time to shoot!'
  3. We don't know yet, you can find out August 19 for only $44.95.

    Seriously, I'm not expecting anything really earth-shattering to come out of this, but I wouldn't rule it out. Just being cautiously pessimistic. :emoji_wink:

    Although if they try to do the same thing to get him over as a heel that got him over as a face... I'm not sure if even WWE would be dumb enough to do that.
  4. I hope they figure out something good to do. what that good thing is, I will leave in the capable hands of the creative team!
  5. Having Punk shoot on everyone including smarks could be nice.. ala Pillman in the 90s.

    Although if you diss the shit out of smarks it will only tickle our balls and make us giggle.. we would just be thrilled to be acknowledged
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  8. Last year he did that real shoot promo and became a face and now this year hes going back as a heel so hes probably got something sick planned
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  12. It seems inevitable that they're gonna go down the route of Punk being pissed off because of not getting the main event slots despite being champ.

    It will work I guess, I just hope that it is fresh and different from last year. I loved last year's and I'm sure if they did it again it would be better than the usual stories we see on Raw; however it would never feel real like last year's did. That's what made it feel so special, it would feel far too manufactured if they tried to repeat it.
  13. I think I'm the only one who won't be disappointed if it's a rerun of last year. Sure it can be better but it can work so well. He can be pissed off that he himself fell into the WWE mold and how he ignored his beliefs because he was champ. But no more bla bla.
  14. As Rain said though.. why turn him heel and then start to use the same type of storyline that got him so over as a face to begin with? He won't get boo'd if he's cutting those types of anti-WWe promos
  15. yeah hopefully he jobs. That would be extraordinary
  16. It might not even be a heel turn. It cold just be Punk with heel mannerisms getting cheered. We've had many of those faces in the past where they act like heels all the time. We might finally see a star who's not smiley smiley when face lol.
  17. i never saw it last year so it will be something new to me :yay:
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    How did you miss that, and how have you not looked it up on YouTube?

    Anyway, I'm thinking of sharing an article on the forum, though it may be a bit similar to these types of threads. Hoping that'll be OK though. It runs through some possible scenarios Punk could get into going into next year and mentions him being good when he's bad.
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