Will Punk interrupt a Paul Bearer appreciation segment?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Or anything else related to Punk disrespecting Paul Bearer? I know it seems cruel, but it would be a segment that is relatively kayfabe-realistic, and it's something edgy that everyone cries out for.

    1) Do you think it's possible?
    2) If it happens, would you be okay with it?
  2. 1) Yes
    2) Yes and after Kane would get mad and beat him up setting him in a match with Kane later on the night. Punk wins obv.
  3. I'm fine with everything they do on Raw tbh, I don't get pissed off when a movie mocks a dead person. It's something they should exploit providing all parties are cool with it, Punk even though he's a dick may refuse to out of respect though IMO.
  4. Well it does tie into his current feud and they have done it before. So I wouldn't be surprised if it happens. Personally, after reading that article I put up earlier today on his life, I think Moody would enjoy still being part of the show. The guy lived and breathed wrestling his entire life.
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  5. It's definitely possible and I'd probably be more upset if they didn't do this honestly.
  6. WWE will obviously go there for the sake of getting Punk extra heat for the match. The only question is whether Punk or Undertaker or Paul Bearer's family will be ok with it. It won't happen if all parties aren't fine with it.

    I said in the other thread that it's easy to see Punk saying to Undertaker how fitting it is that Paul Bearer has died so close to when Undertaker's legendary streak (and thus him and his career) will die as well, come Wrestlemania 29. Then have him tell Undertaker that the only grave he should be preparing is his own because it's finally his time to rest in peace. Taker says something back, yadda yadda yadda. Promo would be awesome. (And would also be the death knell as far as any chance of Punk breaking the streak goes, for those who would still be optimistic about it happening.)
  7. Definitely possible, and I wouldn't be upset if he did. He'd be talking about Bearer the character and not Moody the person, most likely, and given how much Moody loved wrestling I highly doubt he'd mind it anyway. With Vince enjoying pushing the envelope in similar situations, I figure he'd be cool with pursuing something to that effect.
  8. Oh lord yes. Think I mentioned this in another thread, but it would be nice during a Paul Bearer Appreciation Segment if the gong would hit, Punk would show up in a wig, sarcastically mock everything Undertaker does, as Heyman runs around behind him with pale makeup on carrying the urn...

    Whatever he does, it'll get ridiculous amounts of heat and make this feud feel real.
  9. I think it's a great idea, it will get punk more heat going into WM, as CM Punk said though, Kane must be involved in this.
  10. If he doesn't, that just means the wwe has dropped the ball on an angle that was handed to them, albeit by a horrible event, but still handed to them on a silver platter. It would work, it would benefit all parties as far as the storyline goes, and for a storyline that i felt would be dry (with the "blah, blah, I'll break the streak" boring as talk again like many other years), it would have a foundation now.

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  11. Yeah, I think it may very well happen and would be OK with it.
  12. Didn't expect everyone to be okay with this. Last time there were a few members against the fake heart attack thing, and this would be worse imo. I'd love it though and think it works perfectly in his current feud.
  13. Chapter 12, Line 37 of the IWC Rulebook:

    "Everything sounds better on paper. When an edgy idea is thrown out there, appreciate it. When it's actually done, it's another chance to bitch."
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  14. Should probably get my hand on that book.
  15. Maybe at the end of segment , cuz he deserves that segment .

    Then le wild punk appears and cuts a promo . Huge heat , lights turn off . Le wild punk appears on the middle of the ring uncuncious .

    Taker theme hits.
  16. No. They can't use the real death of a real man to fuel a wrestling feud.

    It's just not right.
  17. I agree with GTI it would not be right.
  18. maybe? I hope not though.
  19. Most likely. Dat heat.
  20. Well, reading one of JR's blog posts about how he knew the guy. He lived and breathed this stuff and I'm be pretty sure he'd be alright with it. Punk would gain so much heat it'd be unreal!

    All he'd have to do is say something like "Just like Paul Bearer, your streak will die at Wrestlemania!".
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