Will R-Truth do anything at HIAC?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. The last two people that have appeared on posters for a PPV (Kofi at NoC and Ryback at BG) have appeared at the PPV without being on the card beforehand. R-Truth is on the HIAC poster and is currently without a match for the PPV. An impromptu US title match vs Ambrose is a possibility, or a heel turn for Truth which has been rumoured. With only 6 matches confirmed so far (excluding the pre-show), do you Truth will be involved in something?
  2. He's going to show up and dance his heart out. He'll dance dance revolution all over the arena. He'll riverdance like his life depends on it. Bless him and bless all the Little Jimmies. We shall all dance together forever and ever.
  3. Be a boring mofo
  4. R-Truth is awesome.

    He's the best for trolling on WWE games online. The second the bell rings and the hyperactive child runs at me, I just leave the ring and dance with R-Truth until I get counted out.

    Then I politely send message to inform them they HATH LOST THE DANCE CONTEST!

    I'm-a rock it 'til the wheels fall off

  5. You lost me here, sorry any mention of a WWE Games causes a blackout.
  6. lol - yeah they aren't exactly high quality but I usually pick them up and play 'em for a few months.

    I can tell from the videos on WWE2K14 how lazy it is. All the same old generic movesets.
  7. I hope he's involved in nothing. I doubt i'll be so lucky.
  8. R Ttuth will promote more WWE merchandise
  10. He'll probably be on the Kickoff Panel or something... so the answer is probably a no.
  11. That kickoff panel is awesome. I enjoyed it when Titus was up there.
  12. I don't know. Every possible scene seems to be filled up. It's possible he might be an opponent for the Wyatts, but I personally want to see him step away from tag team action and go on his own. Why not have a small feud with Ambrose, I wouldn't mind it honestly and it'll give them something to do while Reigns and Rollins deal with Goldust and Rhodes.
  13. I think Ultimate Warrior and Darren Young would be a better pair to join Rebecca Young in the booth for pre-show.

    Give Warrior a live mic and have Vince in his ear encouraging him to air his grievances on "THE HOMOSEXUALS".

    Then watch the buyrates soar as Darren Young smacks the taste out of his mouth on live YouTube.
  14. He may wrestle a filler match and job. If he's there I'm sure he'll be irrelevant.
  15. Sell shirts.
  16. Isn't he wrestling Axel?
  17. Nope, they turned Big E instead.
  18. So Smackdown lied to me?
  19. Big E turned face on last weeks Smackdown and then on RAW this Monday the match with Axel was made for the pre-show. And Big E is already more over than face Truth.
  20. I know about the turn however it mentioned on the advert on Smackdown it was truth vs Axel although that may have been the live tour ad actually.
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