Will RAW Improve after WrestleMania?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Neptune, Apr 2, 2016.

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  1. Vote and explain!

    I think it will simply because we will have some major returns in Seth and Cesaro.
  2. Post-Mania RAW will be good, no doubt. Wish I could say the same about the ones after, though...
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  3. I'll vote yes. Even if Shane doesn't win, this very feud shows the WWE recognizes the problems with Raw. It's the very crux of the feud. Recognizing something is wrong can go a long way towards fixing it.

    Or maybe I'm too optimistic, who knows?
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  4. If it's anything like last year, no.
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  5. I'm voting "no", but it's very important. There's been plenty of signs of change over the last few years, but in the end it's the same Raw. This feud with Shane's has people completely bought in, though. " Oh my goodness! Shane must win, he has to! We can do away with the Authority and make Raw great again! Come on Shane, bring the business we love back to us! Make WWE great again!"

    If they go back to the same old transparent booking/writing style with no changes, will people buy into a "change" storyline again? Can you imagine the damage that can be caused when you condition the fans to believe a better tomorrow for the product isn't coming?
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  6. This kinda happens every year, doesn't it? Like things and wrestlers look like they're on the way up but in the end nothing really changes. CM Punk was champ, still boring. Daniel Bryan was champ, still boring. Shield/Wyatts were cool for a bit but overall the product was still meh. Seth Rollins is champ - to be fair I wasn't watching when this was happening, but from what I hear it was still boring. I remember it looked like they were seriously going to push Ziggler a couple years back, even D'Z bought into it. And now look at Ziggler, nothing came of it, still jobbin'. I don't see anything significantly changing anytime soon, but I'm hardly ever optimistic when it comes to WWE so who knows.
  7. Oh and also fuck 3 hours
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  8. 3 hours isn't a huge problem, they have a stupidly large roster. 2 hours or 3 hours of shit is still shit.
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  9. As you say it's very important to remember we were hardly enamored with 2011 Raw and such, but everything is still dragged out way too long. Miss the days of 10 minute opening promos that got to the point
  10. Oh, stop complaining!

  11. I vote yes simply because the Raw after WM is known for a perfect time and place to debut. And if there's no debuts, there'll be return. Seth Rollins? Cesaro? Randy Orton?
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