Will Riley ever be pushed?

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    I've been a huge Riley mark since I saw glimpses of his FCW work, and then his NXT work. The guy has the perfect look, can work as a face and a heel, and has some of the best mic work in WWE from what I've seen. The guy trends on Twitter after any appearance, and has been over ever since his split with The Miz (credit to both guys).

    I understand his ring work is lacklustre, but WWE has never used that excuse not to push other great talkers. Why not give him a long midcard run on live TV to give him experience? What better superstar to challenge Antonio Cesaro who is himself experienced and incredibly talented? Riley would learn a lot.

    The promos speak for themselves though:




    That pop ^


    2.30 ^

    The guy has a dope theme as well. For those hanging on the ring work, he's had a LOT of matches since and hasn't botched like his previous infamous botches. Will he ever be pushed or is he going to be one of the post-Wrestlemania lay-offs that occur yearly?
  2. He seems lost in the shuffle now. I don't recall the last time I even saw him on the shows. If they did push him, he seems like someone who would reach the level of someone like Mr. Perfect but I don't know if they'd put him at the very top.
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  3. He has everything IMO, he looks like a million bucks, can speak and has charisma. I shit on his ring work but honestly it doesn't really matter, look how horrible Miz or Cena were when they first held the title. The biggest problem IMO was his horrible botches during his push caused him to get lost in the shuffle and now they've forgotten about him.

    NXT tags too :obama:
  4. Loved the, "Look at you. You got you hair done, nails done, every big, oh you think you fancy huh?"

    But it was rumored his push failed cause he stood up against Cena or some bullshit.
    He had so much potential.
  5. Pretty sure most of you know my reply, but for those of you who don't, here's 2 different versions:

    Long version:
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    If WWE grows a brain/balls and actually thinks that pushing somebody the fans actually want to see as a babyface is a good idea

    Short version:
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  6. Reminds me of Robert Downey Jr.
  7. It's kind of sad that in that Eve/Riley/Miz segment, I thought Miz did the worst job of them all. Not counting Truth, as I always thought Truth was terrible on the mic so his role was expected here.

    As for the question at hand, seriously doubt it. And to be completely honest, I'm not that bothered by it. I liked Riley, I really did but he doesn't really possess anything that makes me all too upset at his treatment. Now, if I was in a position of power, I'd definitely change his current position and start pushing him. I think WWE's handling of him has been rather retarded to put it bluntly. However just as a fan, I don't care about him enough to be bothered by it.
  8. I've never seen his in-ring work but from the videos you posted he seems awesome as a face or a heel. I'd love to see him get an appropriate shot in the WWE.
  9. A-ry does sound great on the Mic, I'm also glad he betrayed the Miz, that's a career stopper right there (being with the Miz that is). If it was a locker room reason he didn't get a push, then they're wasting talent.
  10. Quality response:obama:
  11. I can't say. He has all the tools, but something must be holding him down. He has impoved a lot in the ring, maybe they just forgot about him or are saving him up for later.
  12. I like Riley but I don't think he's as great as some people make him out to be. He's pretty good but I don't think he'll be the next Cena or anything like that (if even given a chance).

    Anyway, I don't think he'll ever get a push knowing WWE.
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