Will RoH ever sell out?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Do you think RoH will ever sell the company to a major corporation, basically WWE? They don't exactly make too much money and they obviously can't hold on to big stars.

    What do you think?
  2. I hope not, WWE would have nothing to gain from buying Ring of Honor, maybe a couple of talents could jump ship, but WWE's roster is pretty much full already. I don't know what there financial history is but I'm sure they've got a nice little fan base to keep them going.
  3. You mean be bought out? Because they've basically already sold out in the typical sense of the word under Cornette.
  4. Not now. When they have financial issues maybe.
  5. They're already owned by SBG (big corporation) since 2011. SBG is a very wealthy company, but the amount of money they invest into ROH is questionable. Sure, the wrestlers are paid better now, the production is better (not counting in their PPV difficulties here), and they hold shows all around USA (+ Canada), but when you're owned by a big corporation and your PPVs have major technical issues and when you put Cornette in charge (it happened after SBG took over), you gotta ask yourself: Does SBG really gives a shit about ROH?
  6. SBG probably lobbied for Cornette since they knew him as a "wrestling guy". Not a good wrestling guy sadly.
  7. Cornette has been hit or miss in his career. He is a good wrestling mind... he just isn't the right guy for ROH. He has just turned them into a low budget wannabe entertainment company and it detracts from what should be important in ROH- the wrestling.
  8. True. And I believe that in ROH long dramatic storylines could work, as long as the competition and wrestling where the key focus points in them.
  9. Cornette is a good on-air character (as proven in ROH 2003-2006), but once you enable him backstage influence - you're fucked.
  10. I view Cornette a little bit like Russo in the sense that he is OK with some power, but too much power and things sour quickly.
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