Battleground Will Roman's suspension impact the match?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jun 25, 2016.

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  1. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns has been confirmed but Roman will be suspended for 30 days leading right into the PPV that is set for July 24th. Do you think his suspension will have any impact on the match in any way? Do you think that maybe all the attention will end up on Dean and Seth instead of Roman? Will this MIA cost him any progress with the fans?

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    Things ain't changing for the better, since he's constantly getting heel reactions and the suspension definitely won't help him.

    Anyways... As far as the match goes, one thing's for sure... Ambrose is dropping the title. I'd be surprised if he didn't.

    I want Rollins to win, but I think it'll be Reigns. Regardless of the outcome, considering that Lesnar's coming back at SummerSlam, he's probably the next #1 contender.

    Now... Whether Lesnar loses to Hunt or wins, I think it'll affect how he'll be booked against the man he'll be facing (Rollins/Reigns) at SummerSlam.

    If Lesnar wins at UFC 200, I think he'll take either Rollins or Roman's virginity at SummerSlam (or hell, perhaps they'll go with Lesnar/Rollins/Ambrose/Reigns), he will SMASH 'em.

    But, if he loses, I think WWE will finally have Rollins/Reigns, presumably Reigns, be the one to beat Bork clean. That's just my theory, but I could be wrong.

    EDIT: Sorry for going a bit off topic here.
  3. I'm not sure how the build will work for it since he won't be around.
    The suspension came at a weird time, they couldn't suspend him before MITB since he wouldn't be able to drop the belt, but now his return will be cutting close to the actual PPV, so it gives little opportunity for build, for him at least.

    I think even without the suspension people in general would be more focused on Ambrose and Rollins anyway.
  4. I feel like it's going to cost him a lot of progress with the fans if he comes back right before the PPV with no build and wins.

    I really want Ambrose to keep the title, so I would hope they don't have Reigns just come back and win, but WWE usually succeeds in crushing my hopes and dreams.
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  5. Definitely think Ambrose is going to retain. Plans right now are probably for Roman to become the four time champion, but I think their mindset will change within the next month.

    Putting it back on Roman coming off via suspension is the stupidest thing to do, IF they want him to be the next big face.
  6. In a perfect world, yes. Because on the 20th anniversary of Austin 3:16, Roman gone, and Ambrose with the belt... Now's the time to cement a new top guy.

    Shame that's not a world we live in. RomanWinsLOL
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  7. Reigns is just flat out gonna win at Battleground and face Lesnar possibly and beat him clean there because Reigns is supposed to look strong.


    Dean retains, Roman faces Lesnar at Summerslam as a heel with Lesnar as the face and Rollins takes on Ambrose again because Ambrose vs. Rollins is money, or another Triple Threat match
  8. I don't believe Roman will win this match. Having him lose the belt, serve a 30 day suspension, only to win the belt back would seem like an actual non punishment. At the moment I am thinking ultimately Ambrose will retain the belt. Just my opinion and I have nothing to really back this up. It's just the way I am feeling at the moment.
  9. Seriously though, given the history of Battleground, isn't some sort of non-finish the most possible outcome? As you say the Lesnar run-in is perfectly possible.

    I wouldn't rule out Triple H giving his history with all three men
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  10. The focus will definitely be on Ambrose and Rollins during this feud, but Roman still wins the belt at Battleground.. Ambrose is a traditional champion, He only won the title to get to this triple threat match, unless they have a rematch at SummerSlam and Ambrose drops it there.
  11. Reigns wins and everyone hates him more than ever. Calling it.
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  12. At this point I would not be surprised cause I swear it is like Vince gets high on the anger of WWE's fans. lol
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  13. I didn't even consider HHH :hmm:
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  14. It's interesting because I don't think Roman is going to win the title back. But where does his character go if he isn't chasing the title? Who would his next feud be with? Itd be a pretty bold move for WWE to put the title back on him when obviously Ambrose and Rollins are so much more over. Unless they turn Roman heel of course, which is what everyone is waiting for.

    Rollins is obviouy the strongest performer of the 3 who I would prefer to see win the title but I don't think he's gonna win.

    I think Ambrose will retain. If not, they re gonna make him look so weak by having him drop the title on his first defense.
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  15. I say Roman's suspension won't affect the match, he'll be back.
  16. Yeah, Roman's back just in the nick of time.
  17. There's been tumors on Seth vs. Triple H for Summerslam... so now this makes me wonder if Triple H will return and screw Rollins. Dean probably to retain and lose to Reigns at Summerslam or maybe he'll be champ for a while if a good impression on him by management is made these 3 weeks
  18. tumors on a match sums of WWE's booking over the last few years... LOL I know what you meant.

    And that would make sense really. So that would mean Ambrose keeps the belt cause it would be foolish to give it back to Roman after what just happened. Some people are speculating he will be pulled from the match entirely. No one knows yet.
  19. Yeah, if they just give the belt back to Roman right when he comes back, I think it sends a bad message. It would look like "Well, we suspended him just to show that we take the wellness policy seriously, but not seriously enough since he gets to become a four time champion only days after his suspension is over."

    WWE has taken a lot of criticism for inconsistently assigning and enforcing punishment in regards to the wellness policy. Some of their punishments had been slaps on the wrist for bigger stars while more severely punishing less popular guys for similar infractions. I just think it would be a big mistake to make him champion right away again. His punishment becomes a month off and an immediate fourth World Championship. That would be a bad idea in my view.

    Then again, I won't put it past them to do it.
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