Will Ronaldo stay at RM?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. Since Mourjnho is most likely not staying."..
  2. Who's left that can actually pay him? PSG? Man City? Does he want to go back to England or move to a lesser league in France? I don't think so personally. It'd be awesome if he pulled a reverse Figo, and went from RM to Barca. It'd be interesting to watch how he and Messi would co-exist.
  3. People have been saying ManU but that's rumors
  4. He won't stay imo. He has only 2 years left on his contract and clearly does not want to remain at the club, so the only time to sell him and make money is now. Even now they can't get his full worth. Man United are the biggest favourites by a land slide to land him. Why? Ronaldo wants to come back (his best mates play for United and SAF is a father figure for him) apparently AND the new chief executive wants to make a big signing, and the glazers are willing to pay for it. The rumoured price is £60m but it can be lessened if United swap players over to RM.

    United can easily pay his wages, and would make the money back so quickly with shirt sales and other financial benefits by having a player like Ronaldo with them. The only other alternative is PSG, as they could afford his price and his wages easily, but does Ronaldo want to play in France? It's destined for him to come to United and it's highly possible imo.
  5. Naa he's going back to United imo, he loves it too much there, and how can you turn down Fergie?
  6. I don't want to see him back at United just because it would make Crayo too happy. Fuck man U fans, they don't deserve CR7. Spoiled bastards
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  7. Has Mourinho something to do with CR7? The truth is that if Madrid pays him the same amount of money they do and no one offers him more he'll stay, Mou can do what he wants and CR7 the same
  8. Cristiano loves Mourinho and SAF, he admires them completely. Real Madrid make more money off of Ronaldo than Ronaldo makes off Real Madrid (true story), and he's pissed off with that naturally. Ronaldo isn't about the money and I don't know why people assume he is, he makes a LOT of money outside of his Real Madrid wages which is being taken off him by the club.

    If Real Madrid do not sell him this season and Ronaldo doesn't extend his contract, you will be looking at losing Ronaldo for like £30m or less. He clearly doesn't have the same amount of love for Madrid as he did for United and I see why. The fans have been on his back numerous times when he has a fucking immense scoring ratio, and clearly he doesn't see his future in Spain.

    PSG or United? United for me.
  9. Manchester United all the way. :otunga:
  10. Ok, won't say it's not possible that he leaves RM, but Madrid has given him a lot of bad things like calling him son of a bitch, but Ronaldo has no other reason to leave, he came to Madrid not because of Mou, it was because of Florentino
  11. He's staying .
  12. He's off, wouldn't surprise me if he went back to OT for 5/6 years before heading back to Portugal to play for Sporting again before retiring. With the shape he's in I can see him going strong for the mid 30s at a minimum, he's topped the two best leagues in the world, what's left? Serie A isn't what is was, Ligue 1 also isn't a mega force, the Bundesliga is dope but I doubt anyone there has the finances to get him or the league will appeal to him, possibly Bayern if he wants to work under Pep I suppose.

    If Mou went back to Chelsea or City it would be interesting though.
  13. I would love nothing more than have that happen :yay:
  14. I hope he stays, he is helping us a lot.
  15. Captain Obvious, awayyyyyyy
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  16. :pity2:

    You know what they say about Da Nile
  17. barca fan!:pity2:
  18. Sure he will..

    Dude is treated like a god there.. He loves it.

    But tbh, it's not just Mourinho imo.. It's the team, the moral, the weather (plays a big role. See Alexandre Pato), and himself feeling at home there.

    I think he'll stay.
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