Will Ronda Rousey ever get her Revenge on Alexa Bliss?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by garyp, Jul 11, 2018.

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  1. So we all saw it Alexa stole Ronda's opportunity to become the women's RAW champ. Ronda made a dumb move attacking the refs and Kurt Angle and now she may of lost her chance at the Goddess because Nia is facing her at Extreme Rules.

    Regardless if Ronda were to get a title shot agains Alexa would Ronda win or would the Goddess put her hopes to rest?

  2. Uhh, Ronda. Obviously Ronda
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  3. Ronda will put an end to Alexa's reign of Terror.
  4. Alexa and Ronda will have a great feud and match.. The 2 biggest names in the women's division going at it. It's almost WrestleMania worthy, but SummerSlam is good enough.. Ronda got her revenge when she slammed Alexa through a table.
  5. Problem is it isn't a big fight. Ya know what I mean? It isn't two bad asses beating the shit out of each other. It's not a big fight. If Ronda doesn't sqaush Alexa I would be deeply offended. Good story, good characters but not a exciting match. We just want to see Ronda get her hands on Bliss and win the title. It doesn't have a big fight feel to it.
  6. Alexa is too big of a star to get squashed in any matches. Their star power makes this a huge match.. Alexa will play the cowardly heel w/ Mickie in her corner and Ronda will try to get her hands on Alexa.
  7. Yh but it's not a big money fight. It's not Ali Vs Foreman. It's not Tyson Vs Lewis. It's not Fury Vs Klitschko. It's a little girl Vs Ronda fucking Rousey. So it isn't a big money fight that people are hyped for.
  8. Because they haven't started the build yet.. they haven't even announced the match yet... Rousey is "suspended". When she comes back things will get interesting and people will get invested in the match... SummerSlam isn't until late August, patience.. We'll all be hyped when it happens.
  9. No the story is about Ronda finally beating chicken shit heel and winning the title. It's a good story. But it isn't going to be a big time fight. Big fights are between two evenly matched competitors that want to beat each other up. You can't create that with a chicken shit heel. Sure the fans will be excited to see Ronda beat up Bliss, especially if the build hyped up tension. But it isn't the big time fight that Ronda should bring to WWE.
  10. That really doesn't matter because nobody is on Ronda's level.. Nobody on RAW matches up evenly with Ronda... Alexa is the only option because she's the biggest name in the division. Two super over characters going at it will get people intrigued regardless. She's there because she brings her own audience, like she did in UFC.. She won't bring a "big fight feel" with anybody.. Maybe Charlotte, but they're saving that for WrestleMania.
  11. If Ronda can't put on a big fight with anyone, then why is she in the WWE? Bit of a waste.
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  12. That's creative for not making the women feel important.. Bliss and Charlotte are the closest you'll get... Asuka might have worked if she stayed undefeated until SummerSlam, they could've done that...A lot of people watched UFC whenever Ronda was on the card, she brought her own audience. They're probably hoping they tune in to see her in WWE.

    It's totally different than Brock coming back and having dream matches with guys like John Cena, CM Punk and Triple H.. The women's division doesn't have stars like that, unfortunately.
  13. Charlotte Vs Ronda is a bigger match then Alexa Vs Ronda... obviously
  14. Like i said, they're saving that for WrestleMania.. Alexa is the best option for SummerSlam.
  15. Yes, Ronda will her revenge and channel her inner Pentagon Jr. if you know what I mean, and win the belt.
  16. I'm sure she will, would be a waste if they didn't.
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  17. No...

    No one will ever get the better of Alexa Bliss
    because she has tiny hands.
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  18. You could pretty much consider Ronda defeating Alexa Bliss and taking her revenge at Summerslam a lock and while I do agree that this donesn't necessarily have the "big fight" feel, the only reason they will go ahead and book this match is to do the spot with Alexa Bliss seemingly have her hand broken, being she is double jointed....

    I'm pretty sure that's the goal and, in all fairness, it will be a pretty good visual, not to mention it would put the arm bar even more over...