Will Rusev Lose His Push?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nero_x3, Jul 20, 2014.

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  1. With the news of MH17 (the innocent passenger plane) being shot down by the Ukraine, and heavy speculation on Putin's involvement on the situation, do you guys think that Rusev will either lose his push or suffer the Muhammad Hassan treatment? WWE has done the same thing in the past, and albeit this was mainly on the behalf of UPN, I could easily see USA or WWE wanting to pull the plug on the gimmick with this news. Thoughts?
  2. His push will get dropped soon, but not for the reasons you've mentioned.
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  3. I'm assuming you mean by the fact that it will always be USA vs Russia? If so, I see that case as well, but with Battleground tonight, I can imagine Swagger burying Rusev.
  4. just saying I never thought his push was sustainable. he is too one dimensional of a character and Lana is terrible. his push will go the way of Big E's soon
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  5. They'll more than likely just stop mentioning how great of a leader Putin is (or at least have Lana seriously tone down her praise of him and pick and choose any references she makes to him) while continuing to harp on how much better and more dominant of an athlete Rusev than anyone America can offer. As long as they play it that way, there's no reason for him to receive the Muhammad Hassan treatment. They took it much, much further with Hassan than they have with Rusev, and hopefully it taught them what kind of boundaries they should and shouldn't cross with this sort of stuff (although the Hassan character was getting all kinds of real-life heat for months and months before they finally killed him off.)

    I wouldn't be surprised if they had Swagger go over Rusev now though, just to put a "feel good" touch on recent events. Kinda like how Austin was supposed to retain the championship against Kurt Angle at Unforgiven 2001, but because 9/11 happened two weeks earlier, they did the title switch (Angle being the American hero and all) just to end on a positive note what was their first PPV since the terrorist attacks.
  6. I don't think so. As Lock said, they haven't gone as far with Rusev as they did with Hassan and iirc for them to kill it off it was something a bit more specific, that segment with the masked men attacking Taker that aired the exact same day as the bombings, right? Unless something like that goes down (and I seriously doubt it considering they haven't gotten to that level with Rusev, as I mentioned) I don't think so.
  7. I guess they weren't as afraid to let Rusev keep winning as you guys thought. It wasn't a great victory, but he still won.

  8. Hopefully he does lose his push... He's so bland.
  9. This push was doomed from the start. What made WWE think this would turn out anyway else?
    Did Muhammad Hassan call and tell them everything was all good?
    Did JBL's nazi salute on a house show ever get aired on RAW?
    How about when Y2J desecrated the Brazilian flag?

    Keep being classy WWE. I'm still waiting for the feminism angle to appear on RAW
  10. That was some good heat. Although it wasn't very good when the police showed up.
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  11. He parlayed that into a face turn after a 30 day run in the box.
    I didn't realize flag desecrations resulted in face turns.
  12. Well, I popped. :dawg:
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  13. You can't bury Jericho even if you tried
  14. Absolutely not. I did pop when he kicked the flag, don't really get patriotism and I mark for Jericho so hey, good stuff.
  15. They do when you're a GOAT like Chris Jericho.
  16. Sh**, you popped when he kicked the flag? That's different.
    Can't say I'd ever pop if I saw that, so you might be on the minority on that brother.
  17. Yeah, I just thought it was a nice way to get heat. So I popped, although yeah I was in the minority
  18. I find Punk has the same quality to a less appealing degree. Both are contrarian.
    Jericho is more redeemable since he has a bit more of a cool factor.
  19. Rusev will lose the push if he doesn't get past the whole "I'm Russian/Bulgarian, i'll kick all of your asses because I hate 'MURICA!" deal. His feud with Swagger should go on and involve the US titles for now.
  20. Rusev is pretty good talent in the ring. It would be a shame to flush it all down the toilet.
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