Extreme Rules Will Ryback lose cleanly?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. If so, how much damage does it do to him if any?
  2. A lot of damage for me. He's lost on numerous continuous PPVs now, it's getting to the point where he's the opposite to Goldberg... who will be his first win? You could essentially say his loss to Henry at Mania was a clean loss (albeit unfortunate).
  3. Yes, he will.

    He will, however, work the match a similar way to how Brock did in his match with Cena last year. He'll dominate the entirety of the match and make Cena look extremely vulnerable and weak, only for cena to lolovercometheodds and win. It will lead to more matches between the two which will (hopefully) see Ryback win.

    I guess they could also book The Shield to help Ryback considering Ryback according to The Shield "now understands what justice feels like", but I'd rather that down the track a little bit and not in there first meeting.
  4. Up until last week's Raw I had a sneaky feeling Ryback was gonna win, but ever since the turn it seems rather obvious Cena is winning. The match, however, could be half decent IMO.
  5. I can see him losing clean. It would damage him but hey he hasnt win at any single PPV. Another one. Doesnt matter #WWELOGIC
  6. I have the same predictions as Leojay.

    Ryback, I predict, will fuck himself over by possibly having Cena beat but deciding to continue inflicting punishment on him instead and it allows Cena a bright spot somewhere near the end where Cena capitalizes on Ryback's fuck up and wins the match. Thinking of the best way for Ryback to lose without being 'damaged', I'm thinking a roll up victory where he kicks out of it about half a second too late (since roll ups aren't exactly the most dominant or forceful way of pinning your opponent.) Imagine Ryback, similar to Lesnar last year, has Cena probably beat somewhere during his period of dominance (Lesnar had him beat quite literally last year when he had him pinned but the ref was out) and then he tries charging Cena while Cena lays in the corner but Cena moves at the last second, and Ryback makes head contact with the ring post and then stumbles backwards into a roll up. An alternate way to do it is to have Cena slingshot him into the ring post instead. Since the roll up happens suddenly and doesn't involve Ryback being laid out or forced into submission, it doesn't make him look too weak. He could then destroy Cena after the match and then claim he had Cena beat and wants a rematch, blah blah blah.

    I don't think it's implausible though that they could switch the title to Ryback, and The Shield helping him win the belt would be almost poetic. I think though, this scenario would have worked better if it was the actual way Ryback turned heel in the first place instead of him being upset about Cena never having his back. Imagine if they booked this match to be a face/face encounter and then Ryback gets thrown outside the ring, and The Shield then zoom in and attack Cena while he's on spaghetti legs. As Ryback recovers, he just stands there and lets them do the damage without fighting The Shield off at all. Maybe he even enters the ring while they're finishing Cena off and just stands there, obviously not disapproving. He then finishes Cena off to take the title. Obviously, this scenario is out the window now, but it would have worked if they had went about it differently.
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  7. Nice ideas. I do think it's implausible though unfortunately, and it's due to "HHH now being a fan of longer reigns". After beating The Rock at Wrestlemania in "the biggest rematch in history", losing it a mere month later is simply pathetic in a kayfabe aspect.
  8. There's no way of Ryback gettin the victory right there. What about Rock/Lesnar beating down Ryback and then asking Cena for a rematch ?
    This could either end on a Lesnar/ Ryback with ryback as a tweener or Rock/Cena (Rematch clause) I know he's injured but just a couple of moves
  9. Maybe but ironically, the same happened to Triple H in 2002. He came back from the big quad injury and won the Rumble and won the championship at Wrestlemania by defeating the first ever Undisputed Champion in history (even though he had beaten him before, but that's beside the point), only to lose it the very next month.

    it would be unpredictable, if nothing else. WWE really needs to do some things that people don't see coming just to shake things up. Also, Rock's big title win (first time in over a decade) was pretty short itself.
  10. Yeah, but that's where that dirtsheet report comes in. They're seemingly a fan of longer reigns now, and a month reign for their biggest star coming off their "biggest Wrestlemania", in their "biggest match", just seems implausible to say the least. I agree that they need the shock factor, but with Punk gone, they need someone at the head of the machine to draw the viewers in. Cena is that guy, and Ryback certainly isn't.
  11. I'm still betting on Cena winning, but Ryback winning isn't out of the equation for me.

    It goes back to something Jericho said last year, when he said he felt Ryback winning the title at HIAC was the best way to go because it really takes people by surprise and thus makes them tune in, and who knows, it might have helped make Ryback into a much bigger star. I think the same logic applies here - a heel Ryback beating Cena (even after a big WM match) could draw in curious viewers wondering where it might go. Cena could still help draw in viewers by chasing the title, saying in promos that Ryback has something that doesn't belong to him, something he worked hard for so long to finally get back (and finally did so by defeating The Rock, something he doubted for a whole year that he could ever do.)

    Also, I doubt every single title reign is gonna be (or should be) a long reign. Del Rio and Big Show didn't exactly have long reigns.
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  12. Is he losing clean? Signs point to yes. Maybe they'll be some non-finish to continue the feud.

    Yet another PPV loss will hurt him, but that's easily fixable.
    But then you start to thinking what they'll do with him afterwards? Ryback vs Orton? vs Sheamus? vs Del Rio? Hell no. Stick him in a tag team? :eww:
    Guess their booking of other monster heels should make us feel optimistic, but being a heel mid-carder is definitely no-mans-land in WWE right now especially with the post-Mania lull coming quickly.
  13. Lets see, we have a young guy who they put some steam behind, with a chance to make a big splash with a huge upset victory. A perfect chance to make a new star and set up a hot rivalry heading into the Summer. What will happen?

    Cena wins in the middle of the ring :facepalm:
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  14. Sure he'll lose, he hasn't win any PPV, can't even know why he was a member of the Nexus
  15. Aren't there rumours that it's a table match? Much damage can't be done because when Cena lost to Sheamus, it wasn't that bad for Cena.
  16. I could see them doing the Bryan vs Punk finish from last years over the limit (One man being pinned at the same time as the other taps) or the Cena vs Punk finish from night of champions. Making it a draw.
  17. I see him losing cleanly. Sad but true, he's now a heel and most heels lose cleanly to the feet of Cena. It's a slight possibility that there could be a dirty move from the Shield or Mark Henry maybe, but I doubt it.
  18. Could see him losing cleanly, but I'm guessing we may have a draw or a dirty finish. Betting on Cena walking out the champion though.
  19. Yeah I don't see Cena losing it either tbh, I see Cena hitting an AA on the steps for the win.
  20. Unless they want to continue this to Over the Limit, he'll probably lose cleanly.
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