Will Sandow Cash in?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Husow, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. I really hope so..
    I don't see del rio's reign continueing
    And i don't see Cena winning the title so fast after returning.
  2. I could see it happenin. It would be a great way of gettin over (Even more if Cena wins). However, wasnt him going to turn face?
  3. Naah watch this weeks main event and superstars he insulted the crowd and picked up victorys against Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth bro & i would mark out if he won the title.
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  4. LOLMainEvent. They still air that shit?
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  5. It would be the grandest way for Sandow to become World Heavyweight Champion. But there were also rumors of Sandow actually failing his cash in, so it wouldn't surprise me to see Sandow run out and try to cash in on Cena and then walk right into an AA (as counter productive as that would be.) It would make the moment all the bigger for Cena, which is obviously what they're going for. I would mark hard for Cena to actually return and take the strap from Del Rio only to drop it to Sandow moments later, though.
  6. If sandow fails to cash in and win im done with the WWE
  7. Yes, Cena beats Del Rio, then Del Rio attacks Cena after the match, puts him in the cross armbreaker. Sandow would then come out and become the new World Heavyweight Champion, unless the rumors are true about Sandow turning face then i can see him cashing-in on Del Rio if he beat Cena.

    Do you not remember in 2008 when Cena returned and beat Chris Jericho for the World Title at Survivor Series? It can easily happen again.
  8. The easiest way to turn anyone babyface is to feud with Cena, you can guarantee a positive reaction from much of the audience. Have Cena lose the title to Sandow and have Damien say he simply chose the opportunity as it was there but he respects John and is willing to face him again. Sandow can be the intelligent good guy who just plays things as it is. I'd rather he didn't turn but I dislike this notion that if he changes everything needs changing.
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  9. Flip a coin in my opinion. I tell you what isn't going to happen. ADR leaving with the WHC.
  10. Roll a die in my opinion, I can (unfortunately) see ADR leaving with the WHC, with Cena having the easy out with the arm injury. They let him put over Bryan in a tag match clean while selling a legit injury, maybe this can be another case like that?

    Will he? I doubt it. The feud between Sandow and Cena could be gold if done well, with Sandow ragging on all of Cena's terrible promos (would mark for mentions of his WoW account) and ripping into all the faults of the Cena character, but that won't happen.

    Anything involving this feud will get Sandow over as a babyface. As Seabs said (lol @ the sig) if he cashes in on Cena, he's a hero. If he "saves us" from this boring ass ADR title reign, he's a hero to those who still care. If he doesn't cash in, look at Ziggler last year. Having this really entertaining dude holding the briefcase while a couple of idiots that many crowds can't get behind made him a babyface star, that may be the best way to go if WWE wants to do that with Sandow.

    The only way to get Sandow heat from this is to rebuild Ziggler enough to be a credible opponent-yet big underdog against Del Rio, let him win the WHC, then have Sandow cash in on him. What other babyface that people care about could you do that with?
  11. Whom ever wins is going to be wasted.. Sandow would be *very* foolish to let this opportunity slip by.

  12. TL:emoji_grin:R

    Will Sandow cash in? Who fuckin' knows or cares? I'll watch the show and find out tomorrow.
  13. I don`t think that Sandow will cashin , but if he cahes in, he will be cashing it in on Cena
  14. I would rather have John Cena the whc than that boring ass ADR
  15. I would fucking mark out if he cashed in after Cena won the title and Sandow won the title
  16. I think he will try to cash in but will be taken out before the match starts, for example by the loser of the match making their way to the back.
  17. It wouldn't surprise me to see Cena put him over and I would like it.
  18. I'd like to see him cash in but I don't see it happening until there's a new champion. If Cena wins the title tonight, maybe he'll wait to cash in until Cena's first title defense and then try to take advantage of the situation. He could have a nice feud with Cena if it's written well.
  19. I wouldn't bet on it but it's a possibility.
  20. He won't, I wagered all my money I had left on Cena, this is a real predictable match guys
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