Will Seth Rollins break CM Punk's record WWE title reign?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

  1. I'm not certain if we've had this discussion yet, but hey, it's just a thought...

    With Nikki Bella closing in on breaking AJ Lee's record, will they do the same with Rollins, in order to stick it to Punk even more?

    I think it's bound to happen. Now, unlike Punk, Rollins will be a babyface come that time. As we all know, Punk started his reign as a face and ended it as a heel.

    Rollins has been the WWE-WHC for over 150 days and him remaining the champ till June 6th of 2016 would mark his 435th day as the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight champion of the world.
    Now imagine if WWE decides to have a show in Chicago on that particular date...
  2. I wouldn't put it past them, really.
  3. Won't be Rollins who does it. Whomever they decide is the next big baby face who'll take Cenas role will be the one to do it. WWF/E has always been a baby face territory. Sammartino/Backlund/Hogan/Hart/Diesel/Austin/Cena these are the guys who've held the championship in long stretches. Besides Punk, no other heel has kept it for that long. I assume they did that cause he was drawing and they wanted him to pull back the whining about not main eventing WM, and stay under contract. We all saw that was for nothing. So in conclusion, whether the "next one" is Reigns, Ambrose or someone we have yet to see that will be the guy who'll overtake Punks modern era reign.
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  4. Considering he's had it for only 5 months, with eminent fact of losing it at WM. no.
  5. I never said Rollins would remain a heel, but I get the point, though.
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  6. I know you said that, but I don't see Rollins as the guy. Face or heel.
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  7. I doubt it.
  8. Yeah, I see them doing it
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  9. Given how much effort they've spent into building up Rollins as "the future" and given that records are made to be broken, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Seth was the one to do it, especially with him being HHH's boy and all. But he would have to remain champion until at least around the middle of May of next year (and since I don't see such a long and historical reign ending at a B-PPV, he would no doubt remain champion until Summerslam, which would be a 17-month reign), and I can't see that happening.

    In reality, Punk is only like the fourth or fifth longest-reigning champion of all time anyway. Saying you're the longest-reigning champion of only the past so-and-so years is kind of an arbitrary thing to do, and if they don't like Punk holding the "record", they could simply ignore harping on the fact that his 434 day reign was the longest of the modern era if they wanted.
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  10. Who do you see as THE guy, then? Reigns?
  11. To be absolutely honest, as of right now nobody. I don't know if anyone will rise up to take the mantle but it's been a long time since there's been a huge baby face. If DB were bigger and didn't have the injury issues he had the fan support to do it but I don't think Vince/HHH would let it happen at his size.
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  12. If they are letting someone like Nikki freaking Bella break AJs record I'm sure punks can't be too far away. I'd love if it was Rollins.
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  13. I can see this going both ways honestly, especially since I can see a face turn for Rollins in the imminent future. However, this would most likely mean he will lose via cash in by sheamus. Thus leading to Rollins vs triple h for a little while, which would be fucking awesome.

    I think it's possible but unlikely. I can see Seth dropping the belt at mania or the rumble.
  14. Agreed. DB is the only guy, if he were here, that could bring that kind of fan comradery that other stars haven't been able to bring in a while.

    I also, in part, blame WWE for a lot of
    This as they could've built both roman Dean much better than they have. The shield was great and WWE did that well. Hell, even the split up was well executed, too. But when it came to singles matches, Dean has been booked like a waste of time, which doesn't help fans get more into him. Roman was pushed far too fucking fast and doesn't quite cut it as a face if you ask me.

    I also think that if cesaro was give the right push as of now... He could easily ascend to the top very quickly and rally fans. He's got the whole package.
  15. I like the idea, but not this title reign... later on, like 3rd or 4th so he at least has multiple title runs, usually if you're not Cena and you have a long ass reign then you can kiss the belt goodbye forever after you lose it
  16. Sadly, this can't happen anymore.
  17. Yeah, unfortunately.
  18. Cm punk!!! Cm punk!!! Cm punk!!!
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