Will Shane ever return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Shane McMahon has always been interesting, his character, his matches, everything about the guy is entertaining, I read somewhere that he is having family problems with Vinnie, and that why he has been out for the last 4 years...

    So, is there any chance that he would return again?

    I would mark so hard if he is ever revealed as the leader of the shield?
  2. I wouldn't bet on it, he's moved on to other business ventures. There's no need for him to come back personally.
  3. Well, I guess there's a chance, but he seems happy doing his own thing now. It'd be nice to have him back, but not so much leading the Shield. I'd still enjoy having him back but there's no need for a mastermind behind Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns.
  4. Not as long as he sells electricity and TV to the Chinese and makes insane amounts of money from it.
  5. He'll probably make an appearance sometime in the future but don't ever expect him to wrestle another match or take another huge bump or even be in a GM-like role ever again. He's busy running his own business.
  6. Don't count on it.
  7. I think he didn't agree with direction the company was going so he split. Last thing I heard he was trying to either do something with MMA or working o some other buisness venture in China
  8. I personally feel that he doesn't need to return that's just me, though.
  9. He's too busy leading Aces and 8s....lol.
  10. He's the CEO of China broadband, he's also CEO of YOU on demand and on the board of a sports managing company according to the wikipedias.
  11. I don't see happening until another few years down the road or probably never again
  12. Not in the very near future
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