Fast Lane Will someone turn heel in the ME?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. Think about it, all of the three guys in the main event are face. You can argue that Lesnar is playing the heel, but Ambrose egged him on last week. Not to mention he's still the most over of the three.

    While it wouldn't make sense for Roman or Lesnar to turn heel, Ambrose has quite a bit of reasons. They started planting the seeds for a possible heel turn by either Ambrose/Roman, but it doesn't mean it'll happen.

    However, with the debut of AJ, the return of Rollins mere months away, a possible Bryan return, and a call up for Joe/Balor(even though Joe'll probably be heel) in the works, the main roster will overloaded with faces.

    And if there was a time to turn Ambrose heel, now would be the time. You know, because they missed all the other times. The only way I'd see a Roman turn is if Ambrose won, and then Roman interjects himself into the WM ME and wins as a heel.

    So, do you think Ambrose, or one of the other two(even though it's more unlikely) will turn heel at Fast Lane/the next night?
  2. Nobody turns, because they're #BestFriends. Friends forgive and forget.

    Seriously, though. If Ambrose turns, which I don't mind one bit, it could backfire, because there's no way in hell Reigns is getting sympathy from the crowd after being screwed by the most over guy on the roster.

    So, will someone turn in the ME? I guess we'll know for sure after the go-home show for Fastlane.
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  3. I'd be down with heel Ambrose
  4. Fingers crossed it's Reigns. Doubt they'll turn him heel though, they want for him to overcome Triple H and all that. Turning Ambrose heel would be dumb, I just want to see him as the Indestructible, Unpredictable, Lunatic face more than this current "lol he's crazy Maggle", although what he did vs Brock was awesome. Surely you can't turn him heel right now... (Oh, and Ambrose seems to want the title more than Reigns, who couldn't be bothered to weigh in).

    Can't wait to see Vince go "lol turn him heel" and then have Ambrose kick Roman's ass to... a massive pop?! :ambrose3:
  5. I feel like they are heading towards an Ambrose & Reigns feud with one of then back stabbing the other but we said the same thing around Survivor Series so who knows
  6. The safest bet right now seems to be:

    Show Spoiler

    :reigns: pins :ambrose2: after a Spear.
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  7. Their match at Survivor Series was such a huge dissapointment. Short, anticlimactic, and predictable
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  8. Pretty sure this one won't disappoint. It probably will be on the level of Cena/Rollins/Lesnar from last year's Rumble.
  9. Feel like WWE needs to cut their losses, and continue their Reigns project with him becoming the top heel. He's still early in his career, if you keep him face for the rest of his career he'll be Cena pre-US title stale in no time. It'll give him character development, and make him feel more real right now. Just transfer the whole Authority angle to Ambrose, and have Roman join The Authority. Roman vs Ambrose has fuel to be one of those ongoing feuds WWE likes to revisit every couple of years.
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  10. I definitely agree. The heel trigger should be pulled on Reigns sooner or later. He'll probably be turned heel by the crowd at Mania after he defeats Trips.

    But, sadly, I think Vince says LOL on the Reigns heel thing. He's probably thinking HE'S GONNA WORK AS A BABYFACE AND GET CHEERED OR HE AIN'T GONNA WORK AT ALL, GODDAMMIT! Hope I'm proven wrong, though.
  11. Last time we wanted one of these two jerks to turn because "we need a new top heel" Sheamus wound up champion. Be careful what you wish for.
  12. I see one definitely turning on the other by the end of the year at some point. I doubt it'll happen as early as Fast Lane, though. They'll probably tease it by doing the old spot where the loser of the match stands behind the winner while he's celebrating on the turnbuckle to make people think he's gonna clock him when he turns around, but ends up shaking the winner's hand and wishing him luck (i.e. pointing towards the Wrestlemania sign) instead.
  13. It feels to me like Ambrose will turn heel because Reigns always interferes with his shit.
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  14. I feel like Ambrose plays a better babyface than Roman, which sucks because they want it the other way around.
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    *This is Roman cutting his big promo* : :reigns:
  16. Maybe not a "heel turn" per se, but I'd love to see something besides RomanWinsLOL happen at 'Mania, and think it will.

    They've gotta do something interesting here to revitalize the Authority angle. After ruining the storyline the night after the Rumble, could Triple H run-in to give the win to Ambrose? Could they change or add someone to the match?

    They should have a plan B in mind as they're pushing the same guy the same way after they changed their Mania plans the day of the show to get a different finish. They have to know trying to follow NXT with Reigns overcoming nonexistent odds ala Cena 2.0 is going to fail in spectacular fashion, right?

    Idk, actually let's do that.
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  17. How about a double turn?

    Vince and Reigns unite, screwing HHH out of the title.

    I mean, Reigns is gonna get booed anyways, so they should capitalize on it by turning him heel.
  18. I think Reigns is the answer now. Although I'm not 100% certain.

    With Ambrose losing the IC title, the chances of Reigns winning are no longer huge, they're about 50/50.

    So, I say Ambrose wins and Reigns either turns on him that very night or the night after.

    I have no idea if Reigns will find a way to insert himself into the Ambrose/HHH match at WM, but I wouldn't be surprised if he worked a program with Taker.
  19. Heel Reigns sounds great, he would make great heel promos too on how he was supposed to be the face of he company but everyone rejected him
  20. Ambrose's new shirt is pretty heelish, still don't think it'd be smart. He won't get booed, especially if he turns in Ohio.

    Besides, it wouldn't make sense for Ambrose to turn on Roman without going on to face him. Don't think they'd make another triple threat at Mania either, double so if they plan on doing a Shield triple threat later on.
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