WrestleMania Will Steph be in HHH's corner?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. I hope so :fap:
  2. I'd rather HBK, Steph decking Heyman would be a shame IMO.
  3. Completely disagree, enough with the HBK/HHH bromance. Heyman insulted Steph, not HBK, she should be seeking retribution.
  4. I'm still not keen on Steph being treated as the equalizer like she's mentioned as here, she can get her retribution sure but her in his corner is an annoyance IMO.
  5. She'll be cheering on her husband, then give Heyman a shot, no harm done.
  6. "Stephanie most likely will be involved in the WrestleMania 29 match between Brock Lesnar and Triple H, to even the odds against Paul Heyman."

    She's apparently going to even the odds, that just doesn't seem right IMO. Imagine HHH is cutting a promo then he talks about the threat of Heyman interference so he brings out Stephanie, just seems weird IMO. Meh I'm getting caught up on specifics either way.
  7. Heyman is a sniveling heel, I have no problem with a former women's champion (:jeritroll:) being his equal physically.
  8. Heh. Finally something to look forward to this Mania. :datass:
  9. Will this be her first Mania? as in, around the ring.
  10. WM 2000 each participant of the four way main event had a McMahon in their corner. She also was in Jericho's corner at WM X-8.
  11. Bring Sable
  12. If she wears a small skirt with no underwear on then hell yeah Steph is welcome on my screen.
  13. I don't want to see her on TV again except when Brock corners here on Raw and threatens to attack and hurt her before he either changes his mind (to play mind games with a possible handcuffed HHH) or because HHH saves her first. Otherwise, no. Shawn Michaels being there to superkick Brock (or Heyman) as revenge for Lesnar breaking his arm would be better.
  14. So Brock is not only going to job to a semi-retired guy, but get superkicked by a fully retired guy. :pity2:
  15. Brock is as much of a part timer as Triple H is. And retired guys are unable to perform their finishing moves? What if it's largely the reason Triple H wins? Like in a Hogan helping Savage win at WM4 kind of way.
  16. They were both active main eventers, no comparison. Am I the only one sick of HBK coming back and doing nothing? He adds nothing to this specific feud anymore. He was used to add sympy last time around, no need to beat a dead horse any more than its been beaten.
  17. I'd be alright with seeing Steph.
  18. How would costing Brock the match be doing nothing exactly? I don't care if Shawn comes back or not though, but it makes perfect sense for him to be there. Even if it's just a run-in during the match, having someone interfere for their best friend against a guy who broke both of their arms makes perfect logical sense. And from a narrative perspective, it adds extra satisfaction when the Triple H beats Lesnar, because now you got somebody else to get their revenge.

    I'd definitely have Shawn run interference at Mania (and you can foreshadow this easily without be explicit, though I'm not sure you'd have to since I'm pretty sure people aren't goldfish), though not sure I'd have the Sweet Chin/Pedigree finish Brock off. Though that doesn't mean I'd remove Stephanie from the equation, since Shawn would only appear at Mania, you got her for the build and you can still have her at Mania. Nothing wrong with comprising. And obviously, I'm totally fine with Stephanie coming back.
  19. He never got his payback for his arm being broken, even his best friend couldn't get him some by proxy so I don't see how he adds nothing tbh.
  20. I want to see Steph slap Paul again.
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