Will Sting ever level Flair's record?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by seabs, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Showtime started here folks!

    Despite many sources saying Ric sits at 20+ reigns with a world title the official count sits at 16, the man who was groomed in the late 80s as Flair's replacement The Icon Sting sits at 15 currently. It'd be kind of symbolic in a way that Flair's replacement is the only one who can level or dare I say it eclipse "The man's" legendary count.

    So onto the questions ;

    Would you want Flair's record to be eclipsed by anyone?

    Would you like it if Sting got to 16 reigns or above?

    If not Sting who could you see beating it?

    The most likely candidates IMO are

    Cena (12) most likely as he'll have a few years as the man, however the title is rumored to be thrown around less now in the E.

    Kurt Angle (13 if his IWGP reign is included) He'll carry on forever it seems so maybe a viable option.

    I can't think of anyone but these three who's close and has the special feel to surpass it.
  2. The funny thing is that since there are no official record books for these things, WWE would refuse to recognize Sting or Angle or anyone in somewhere like TNA breaking Flair's record even if it did happen.

    It doesn't matter to me if Flair's record is broken because people win titles so often and so much these days that nobody even cares about the number of them anymore. Flair is easily a legend for reasons other than just how many world titles he's won.

    I'm expecting Cena to retire with more than sixteen world titles.
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  3. Honestly I see Cena eclipsing 20, he's 35 and the WWE seems to be continuing to ride the gravy train for a few years of babyface Cena (probably he'll average a title reign a year or 2 even if they're stretched out) before the heel turn where he'll pick up a few more. He's sat on 12 with his 13th all but won at WM too.
  4. I picture it being at either 17 or 18. That's the number I have a mental image of. Course, there's always the possibility that Cena will receive bad news that he has to instantly retire like Edge did. Otherwise, Edge would be a good contender as well, he's up to 11 reigns I believe.
  5. Yep he was on 11 and as much as I love Edge someone who was only in the mainevent for 5 / 6 years, missed many months with injuries and was never a huge draw to build the company around should have never reached that many IMO.
  6. Isn't Orton at around 10 reigns? He also isn't that injury prone (apart from late 2011) and has a 10 year deal.
  7. He's also stepped back from the title race it seems, Cena is a perma mainevent whilst Orton fluctuates.
  8. Orton & Edge having so many reigns is a joke.

    Cena will pass 16 IMO. And nobody will care.
  9. It's kind of turned into a WWE thread now...
  10. One of the follow on questions was asking who else but Sting could catch him so I guess it was always going to go that way, I don't have much of a gripe with that as it's flowing on from the original topic. Still if you feel it would be better in General WWE feel free to move it.
  11. My opinion in this one:

    1. Flair has more than 16 reigns, 20 to specific
    2. Sting won't get to 16, let alone 20
    3. Cena, Edge & Orton having so many INDEED is a joke
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