Will Taker return with a new theme?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Or will it be the same old dong which we all love (and hate)? Will anything be new about him/
  2. All dong, all the time.
  3. The dong probably, would prefer Johnny Cash again.
  4. Reminded me of this


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  5. Catnip-Free.
  6. Just donging for the entire 10 mins it takes for him to walk to the ring.
  7. Have Paul Bearer carry a donging device to the ring behind him.
  8. I'd love to see him come back as the American Badass! though I do like his old theme too D:!
    Seriously though, Since it's an an old school RAW tonight, I don't think he will use a new theme.
  10. Bout to see if youtube has 10 hour loop of Takers Dong
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  11. Such beauty
  12. So many gay jokes.......can't contain them.........
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  13. Are we certain he will return tomorrow night? I know we've been looking for it for a few weeks now.
  14. I think tomorrow is the most likely. Old school RAW and now Punk has nothing to do, and it's almost certain he'll feud with Punk if he does return. Tonight seems inevitable.

    Johnny Cash was the one I sort of wanted as well; gave me chills last time.
  15. The more I think about it, the more I actually want the dong.
  16. We can arrange that :ksi:
  17. Hopefully whether he changes it or not, he cuts his 90 min entrance to a 70 minute one.
  18. :pity:
  19. I'm shocked a thread about dong only has 2 pages on this gay ass site :pity1:
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