WrestleMania Will the Big Red Machine replace Shane in HIAC?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Just Kevin, Mar 7, 2016.

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  1. Just a thought, I still do not believe that Shane will be actually wrestling, but what if Kane was to somehow replace Shane in the HIAC match at WM?

    I think it would be a great match and it would make sense since Kane has a history with both The Undertaker and The Authority.

    Just a thought... what do you guys think?
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  2. I wouldn't mind it but there is like no build up to it so to me, it wouldn't be WM worthy. If they had built up to it for the last few months then sure... But honestly, it would make the match worse. Taker needs to face Shane or someone equally surprising.
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    lol That would be even worse. I hope to never see another Undertaker vs Kane match in my lifetime, and the last time they were in the cell in 2010, it was atrocious.

    Shane has been seen training pretty hard in the gym with Tommy Dreamer the past couple of weeks, so you can count on him wrestling unless they suddenly change course for whatever reason.
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  4. Worst.Idea.Ever.

    No offense to you, but kane vs taker sounds fucking awful. Someone needs a rub and it isn't some never was like Kane @Solidus
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  5. No, thank you. Shane-O Mac is a better option.
  6. Kane was great at one time but they made him a joke. He still has the bets entrance on the WWE tho.
  7. No.
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  8. Lol this would be awful and fans would be PISSED. Shane is definitely going to be wrestling, they wouldn't be promoting this match like crazy if he wasn't
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    Shane vs taker is literally a million times better than taker vs Kane. We've not only seen that match played out in ever way a thousand times, but Kane is belittled always and stale now. That would be the same (or close enough) as having orton vs cena for the main event. It's would be stale and lame as fuck.
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  10. This would be absolutely horrendous lol. Not happening.
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  11. "Big Red Retard" - Stephanie McMahon <3
  12. The nickname BIG RED RETARD was coined by The Rock, you jabroni. :rock:
  13. Yeah, but when Steph said it in her annoying ass voice it made me lol so hard.
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  14. Not gonna happen. Looks like Kane is just gonna be part of the ATGMBR.
  15. inb4 Kane vs Big Show "pre show"

  16. Nah, pretty sure they'll be involved in the shitty Battle Royal, which is on the pre-show. :rollins3:
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  17. They really need to add something to the battle royal if they're gonna make it a WM match every year. The trophy does nothing for them! They need to add something else like the winner gets inserted into the main event, or the winner becomes #1 contender for a title of their choosing.
  18. I wanted to vote this "depressing" but there wasn't an option. lol
  19. No, 'the winner gets inserted into the main event' would not be a good stipulation and I don't think anyone wants to see triple-threat main event each year.

    The Rumble gets you a ME spot at WM and some pre-show Battle Royal shouldn't guarantee someone a chance to insert themselves later in the ME.
    However, I agree that it should guarantee the winner a shot at either the US/IC title.
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