Will the fans turn on Punk?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. One of the main reasons people hate Cena is the lack of times he's put people over clean so if they continue to push Punk as they are now, will he begin to garner the same reactions?
  2. Nah but he might become heel some months later after he loses the belt.
  3. I think I read the title wrong..
    But anyways, Cena and Punk are too different imo.
    Punk still has that agressive paranoid thing like he had as a heel.
    Cena throws his cap away and takes his shirt off if he is not pleased..
  4. They already are turning on Punk to a degree. Not due to Punk himself, but more of the way WWE destroyed his character.
  5. A ot of the IWC already has.

    Just like a LOT of them are now hating Sheamus. I started a trend.
  6. I hate you for that..

    Is fuath liom tú go..
  7. It's a trend of "Entertaining character becomes generic babyface, fans turn against said entertaining character because of it"
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  8. No, he can turn into the next Cena and the IWC will still blindly support them.
  9. I thought the same at first, but it's not. CM Punk was still adored when he was face, in his "anti establishment stage". As soon as he turned to a superman type, parts of the IWC hated him, like seriously hated him. He's still an IWC darling, it's just more 60% - 40% now than previously when it was 90% - 10%.

    Sheamus is literally despised now -- probably because he's going to squash Bryan, the 2nd biggest internet darling.
  10. And they probably know that Sheamus is gonna win at WM..
  11. You can still count on Punk to deliver a good match. If you aren't one of us who point out all the flaws in the product (like me) you'll still enjoy Punk, and those who have turned against Punk (character) still respect the guy as a talent.

    Sheamus can't be counted on to deliver a good match. Not that he can't do it, but as a face the guy's moveset has gotten so generic and watered-down that it ruined everything special about him.
  12. That's how WWE do's it
  13. I hope not. Don't want 2 Super Cena's.
  14. I doubt it, wasn't Cena a darling at one point also? People are turning on Punk.
  15. Orton was too, as was Sheamus.
  16. I call this case the usual Babyface curse. If I'm a superstar I rather be like the Miz and stay heel most of my career. If I was babyface I would be like Punk back then because IWC loved his talent and he had nothing watered down since it was 2006 not 2010.
  17. I've found myself turning on him. He has rarely entertained me over the past few months. WWE gonna WWE, what can you do?
  18. Will always like him but what's affected him worse is how much he said about he'd change everything and how he was the guy who didn't give a shit about what WWE said and wanted, yet now all of that has either been watered down or gone completely and he's pretty much the basic face trying to be edgy here and there.
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  20. lol at the raper. :lol1:
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