Will The Miz go back to jobber status soon?(Miz and Punk house show incident)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. Last night at the RAW house show, Miz and Ryback faced CM Punk and Cesaro. During the match there was a spot where Miz and Ryback were both doing a stalling suplex on Punk and Cesaro. Halfway through, something happened and Miz lost his balance dropping Punk almost on his head.

    After hearing about this my question is, Will The Miz go back to jobber status after this miztake?

    I really hope not. I think it was a freak accident. Miz shouldn't be doing stalling suplexes on guys. He's not that strong. I think this is a case of bad booking but knowing WWE, I think Miz will go back to being buried by people like titus o neil again. What do you think?
  2. Will The Miz go back to jobber status soon?


    No. I don't think it'll cause many problems. Nothing to worry about.
  3. Will The Miz go back to jobber status soon?

    Why involve Miz in spots like this? It baffles me.
  4. RE: Will The Miz go back to jobber status soon?

    Some road agent is doing poor work. I wonder who it is.
  5. Will The Miz go back to jobber status soon?

    That's what I am wondering as well. This seems like more a fault of the booking committee than Miz. Miz just isn't built to do stalling vertical suplexes. For a wrestler he is pretty small so this entire spot baffles me.
  6. Not the 1st time Miz messed up a spot, but being that he just learned the figure four from Ric Flair I doubt they'll bury him despite his inability to entertain me regardless.
  7. Source: PWTorch
  8. :eww: Nasty..

    Agreed on how they plan a spot like that with him..

    But at the end of the day, Miz, Punk and the road agents are professionals.. Why didn't they think this throug beforehand?
  9. Depends on whether Punk is going to act like a big baby or he'll let him off the hook.
  10. Miz probably said he was able to do it. I don't see anyone pressuring him into making a different spot for a house show.
  11. If true, they could even make it harder on him..
  12. Yeah. But if Punk recovers quickly and fully I don't think he'll get more than a slap on the wrist.
  13. If Punk will bitch and moan about it, than he might get The Miz in some serious problems. But, if he won't, than I don't see why Miz should get any punishment...
  14. God forbid a wrestler harms CM Punk :facepalm:
  15. I'd not want to be on the end of a stalled vertical suplex mistake, I'm sure Punk would be fine. But would you want someone doing a mistake like that again?
  16. After reading the report, it seems like it really got to Punk. He's a guy that notably wants to retire early, and one will wonder if that may have made him think about it even more.
  17. It's R-Truth all over again.
  18. CM Punk Possibly Injured At Saturday Night’s WWE Live Event! FUCK THE MIZ!

    WWE Superstar had an injury scare at Saturday nigth’s WWE RAW live event from Springfield, Missouri.

    Punk wrestled in the tag match main event, teaming up with Antonio Cesaro against The MIz and Ryback. During the match, there was a spot where The Miz delivered a stalling suplex on Punk. Somehow The Miz lost his balance and dropped Punk almost directly on his head. The crowd instantly knew the move did not go as planned, as Punk rolled out of the ring. WWE officials ran over to Punk and checked him out for several minutes.

    The match continued and Punk did return to action, but was visibly shaken up and was wrestling at a much slower pace than usual.

    We’ll be following this story and will post an update as soon as it becomes available.!

  19. CM Punk Possibly Injured At Saturday Night’s WWE Live Event! f*ck THE MIZ!

    You know there's this WWE legend, considered one of the best in ring of all time, they call him Owen Hart, and even he botched badly. People make mistakes, and how do you know it was Miz's fault? it may have been Punk's fault. Either way, Punk is okay, and that's the only good thing.
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