News Will the negative reaction change WWE's booking?

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  2. Lmao, I'm sure they are scrambling to make it right as we speak. Meanwhile Vince and HHH are laughing at the thought of a vanilla midget carrying the flag of the E
  3. I still think they're doing Brock/Batista #1 contender at EC, Lesnar wins and faces Orton at Mania. Batista goes on to feud with Bryan, makes sense really (if he turns heel which he is sooner or later.)
  4. They'll obviously make an adjustment to the championship situation. People have made it known that they don't want to see Batista vs Orton. The best place to do it is at EC and have Orton lose the title.
  5. Of course it won't make a difference, Vince "knows what the fans want more than the fans do".
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  6. Nothing will change. If anything, Bryan being in the chamber match (which I expected would happen anyway) is just a way to set up Bryan/Sheamus for Wrestlemania. I picture something like Bryan eliminating Sheamus and "The Celtic Warrior" becoming a sore loser as a result, leading to him Brogue Kicking Bryan as he (Sheamus) makes his way out of the chamber, which causes Bryan to lose the match. Sheamus may even become endorsed by The Authority and become on-screen buddies with Triple H as a result (maybe something about how "Sheamus - not Daniel Bryan - is the next face of the company after Orton's time is done, blah blah blah"), meaning Bryan defeating him at Mania is a way of getting a small victory over The Authority.

    As for Lesnar, he'll probably be put into the chamber by Maddox next week or something. It all depends on what they decide to do at Mania - Batista v Orton or Batista v Lesnar. No way is Lesnar/Orton happening at Mania.
  7. You can bet your ass when people start posting in huge #s that they are boycotting WM things will take a quick turn IMO.
  8. I expect that to start after EC
  9. You trollin'.

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  10. probably the second the match ends. If there are 100 petitions i doubt it will work well, but if there are only a few and 20k+ boycott it and WM tickets start going up for sale by the dozens, i think things will change. I dont think DB will magically get in the title picture, but I do think something will have to change, no one wants Sheamus vs Bryan.
  11. I wish I was bro. I do think the buyrates will go down exponentially if DB vs Sheamus is pushed into WM, and like I said above, i dont expect a magic push during WM but I do expect the negativity from the crowd to be large enough for things to change, I just dont see how Punk vs HHH can go down and DB face Sheamus be a match alongside it. HBK could get shoved into the picture the RAW after EC and that would easily be enough.
  12. No one is selling their Wrestlemania tickets just because Bryan isn't put into the main event lmao. At worse, they'll just show up like usual and bury the main event (or just Batista/Orton) with "YES" and "Daniel Bryan" chants.

    People also posted an absurd petition in 2004/2005 to remove Triple H from the main event scene, but a lot of good that did either.
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  13. When speaking of buyrates, remember the WWE Network is coming out as an internet-only service, so they'd think pleasing the internet would be more of a priority for them, lol. While we in the IWC mostly stream now (making it understandable that Cena's a bigger draw than Bryan) the Network could change the game, but surely anyone (like myself) who was on the fence about paying $60 for this Network will reconsider if Wrestlemania isn't even worth the 10 bucks like it appears to be.
  14. I do think Rhodes brothers and Shield fallout will be great, im waiting for Cena Bray to build before hating on that, but besides that what else is there that will be great? Taker Brock could be great but i guess, again, ill have to wait before judging. Outside of that its a stream worthy ppv.
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  15. Serious question: is it more or less difficult to stream from an online source (Roku, Android, iOS, etc.) than it is to stream from PPV on television? I ask because a buddy (who's a tech geek) and I were talking about the WWE Network and he said that the streaming service aspect has to do with the fact that it's harder to put up illegal streams from those sources than from TV, which WWE probably figures will cut down on the illegal viewing of PPV's. He also mentioned that's probably why they're not worried about DirecTV and others talking about no longer carrying WWE PPV's.

    Personally, I have no frickin' clue. That's not my bag, baby.

  16. You still have to have an upload service, usually (I would assume) the way it works is they have a cable converter in their video card to upload directv directly from their cable box to their pc. The Internet WWE will probably make it tougher to stream ONLY if those sources drop their ppv's, honestly. I doubt it will take more than a month or few to get the WWE-network online to go straight to streaming sources. All you really need would be a vpn or two to run course through services detecting your IP, and you could re-route the services to a direct stream just as well.

    I am horrible at explaining, but all i'm saying is their network won't stop piracy, it might slow it down for a ppv or two max. The really beauty of pirates is the fact the top tier is made up of some of the most intellectually prepared and capable people. People who could make a shitload of money working against piracy, but instead they make a decent amount working to try and force things like the WWE-network to adapt. I think the WWE-network is great, and 10$ for a ppv is awesome, all i'm waiting for is WWE to get a little more smark-oriented and I will gladly jump ship.

    WWE deserves all the credit in the world, as places like Disney MGM and all that shit continue to work towards 10-12$ movie tickets etc, when you can get it home for free. I would gladly drop 2-3$ to see a movie quality work at my house, and would do so for every item - because movie theatres need to die out. The days of 8$ popcorn and things of that nature are years gone, at least as far as people with common sense are concerned. Most of the great movies at Sundance end up being available to dl months before they even hit theatres, in DVD quality nonetheless, but that is a different argument for another time i guess.
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  17. Honestly, it's easier 10 fold. You don't need expensive equipment to take the feed from your TV to your PC and then stream it, all you need is decent screen-capture software (such as xSplit, obviously many who are doing this won't bother to purchase it) and then set it up on an off-shore dedicated server/VPS to just constantly capture and stream the 'screen' of the machine, so to speak.

    Your friend is talking rubbish :lol1:
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  18. Ah. Okay. I'm not a tech guy, so hearing what he said sounded like Greek. Reading what you typed is a lot clearer. I'm not sure if the two of you agree or not, but at least I can understand your point.

    Nothing will stop internet piracy. The only things that will keep movie theaters going are dating and people's desire to have that in-theater experience which it is still prohibitively expensive to create in your home. Also, kids will still want to go to the movies, so families will keep them going. If you're willing to eat the expense for the tickets, treats, etc., it's a lot of fun.

    Just my $0.02 on the movie industry.

  19. Back on topic, I think it could change WWE's booking. The likely Orton v Batista match won't happen now because it would get buried by the 80,000 crowd, especially if it came after a hot Lesnar, Taker, Bryan, Cena or Punk match.
  20. buddy you can buy a decent projector, a lazyboy, and a pretty reasonable surround sound for well under 1000$ at this point. Sure it wont be exactly the same, but youd save that in food and ticket money in 10 years easily.
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