Will the Shield have a match at SS?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Aug 8, 2013.

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  1. Before this week we thought that there was a feud beginning against Henry and the Usos but there was no sign of this developing on RAW or this week's SD. So, presuming the trio do get on the card, who will they face? It would be criminal of WWE not to give them a match imo, but it wouldn't surprise when you think about how badly they've been booked recently.
  2. It's not that they've been booked badly, it's they've done pretty much everything that they can do as a unit. Every big star in the company has taken an ass whooping from The Shield at one time or another by now so there's simply no options left for them, but to split up. They had a nice run and all three have been established on TV (which I presume was the point of the faction) so what's the point in bragging it out any further? If they have a match at SS I hope it's Reigns/Rollins dropping the tag straps to The Usos, that would spark my interest.
  3. You can argue the semantics, but IMO the rocket ship push was indeed bad for them in the bigger picture. They started off at the top so right then we all knew there was nowhere to go for this group but down. And now they are down. Even the biggest Shield marks I know are finding it hard to muster up fucks to give about the Shield at this juncture. Who even cares if they have a SS match? It will be either random and thrown together or an 'oh shit, we forget to give them anything' re-hash. The SS card is stacked, so if the Shield happen to miss out on the fun I certainly won't be crying into my beer.
  4. I've actually been hoping that the Shield will start losing their belts soon. I'm hoping they make a 3 way tag match between shield, the Usos, and the Real Americans, with the real Americans taking the straps. Then, maybe not at SS, but on some Raw, Ambrose drops the U.S strap to someone. They should be pursuing better titles soon, they've added prestige to their mid card titles. So I'd say I don't really care if they're at SS, so log as they drop their titles sometime within the next month.

  5. I'll go ahead and call bullshit.
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  6. It doesn't seem right not to have the US and Tag titles on the card but without any major plans for them it would be silly to rush something through over the next week. Maybe have them involved in the show, a typical Shield interruption (not sure against who just yet, maybe the WHC match) and then set up a match at Night of Champions between Christian and Ambrose or something similar. I think it might just be time to disband the group or reinvigorate them with some new blood.
  7. They haven't added shit to the titles. They aren't the main focus, so no prestige. The last person I remember adding prestige to a mid card title is The Miz in 2010 or Zack Ryder 2011.
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  8. :okay:

  9. Ziggler with the US Title + the feud with Ryder was the best mid card stuff to happen in a long time.

    ...but then WWE jobbed Ryder out to Swagger and Swagger to Santino, so everything they did was undone in less than a month.

    Cesaro had a decent reign, but no real feuds, so I can't say he really added much.
  10. Would just like to add, Axel's giving the IC title a nice look at the moment by being involved in the Punk/Lesnar feud, but he's only a background character so I wouldn't say that he's skyrocketed it. Still means more now than when Barrett had it imo.

  11. IMO the only way to add prestige to a title is to have an involved feud where it is clear the champ wants to stay the champ and the challenger is desperate to win the belt. Axel being the third/fourth wheel in a feud doesn't do shit and I often times forget who the IC champ is. Same with the US Champ.

    Axel needs a feud of his own

  12. I assumed that Van Dam returning would mean Van Dam/Axel for the IC strap, but it seems as though I was wrong. They're probably building up Kofi to become a future challenger which I wouldn't seeing as he's an established mid carder and a well known stepping stone for newer guys.

  13. That's the other thing... they really need some feuds with storylines behind them. All too often we get mid card 'feuds' that go like this (especially if it is Kofi)

    >Champion loses to challenger in non title match. (generally an unannounced pointless SD match with no purpose)
    >Leads to PPV match
    >Match is over, we either have new champ or the same old champ, but nothing meaningful has happened

    WWE puts a bow on it and calls it a feud.
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  14. It's pretty hard to develop a genuine storyline feud for someone like Axel when he's Heyman's monkey so the only way of having him in a feud is to let him and someone else go balls to walls on Pay Per View for the strap or throw him in a few gimmick matches. I don't think I would be against either of those options, especially since RVD and Kofi are the only two challengers that spring to mind.

  15. This explains what keeps happening perfectly. They need some long-term planning with a story showing the passion that 2 people have for the title in question. It doesn't have to be 2 mid-carders either!
  16. It doesn't need to be anything overly deep, it just needs some reasoning behind it. It can be because Curtis Axel spilled bong water on RVD's gym bag, idgaf, just spare us the pointless no build up feuds.
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  17. I'd like to see a Winner Takes All match between The Shield and Mark Henry with the Usos. Once the Shield win that, they can spend the next month or so building up Ambrose vs Henry and the other two vs The Usos, one last time. Reigns and Rollins can lose the titles to The Usos, who can take the title even further (props to creative if they can get The Rock to do some promos for this, and then feud with Reigns). Ambrose can be involved in his first real defence of the title and a proper feud with Henry, which has the potential to be explosive. And even after Ambrose fights Henry, he can go on to Christian and maybe even RVD. They really can make the most of this, while the Shield's been booked shit recently, they can try to get them to add credibility to the belts with proper feuds that'll make their opponents look better, in the case of the Usos.

    It can't hurt either party, as Ambrose can engage in proper feuds (the last time we saw one was with Ziggler and Ryder, too bad creative sucked with using Cesaro) and speaking of Cesaro, I could see Ambrose vs Cesaro vs Swagger in a triple threat. That would be the pinnacle of his title reign, really. Reigns and Rollins have been in good feuds so far, Hell No was amazing (even got Taker involved) and now the Usos can use this to become the tag team we all knew they should be. Reigns can go on to feud with The Rock, if possible, while Rollins... I dunno for him.
  18. I suppose they may be put there, but they won't be in any meaningful matches or anything.
  19. As a group, I prefer them to be attacking superstars, delivering the "Justice" to people that deserve or don't deserve it. The titles have been pointless on them really, I mean they work really well in a 3-man team. But when Ambrose is in singles matches, he hasn't really had any sort of a feud. The only real feud has been between the Uso's and Reigns/Rollins. Which during the Pre-show to money in the bank was entertaining. It just lacked any depth or conviction as to why they wanted/needed to beat each other, It felt like they were fighting for the hell of it.

    TL;DR they were better as a force lurking in the background, not knowing when or who was next. With the Titles people just don't seem to care anymore.
  20. someone has to. The shield will vs henry and the usos, and win. There will be no build, and it wont be relevant in any way. They defend their title almost as much as Devon did with the TV title over in TNeh
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