WrestleMania Will The Undertaker 'Sacrifice' Himself For The Greater Good?

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  1. And I'm talking from a character standpoint, obviously.

    The idea that I'm about to lay upon you, gentle reader, may sound horrible, atrocious, ridiculous, illogical, and stupid, but it's something that occurred to me. What if The Undertaker laid down for Shane and let him pin him at Wrestlemania for the sake of a greater purpose, i.e. because it would abolish The Authority for good?

    Imagine a moment during the match where Shane is already pretty much unconsciousness after a long, hellacious match and then Taker turns and looks at Vince and Stephanie (who are cheering Shane's beating on from the outside) and slides his thumb across his throat in what is normally his signal for the tombstone, but then rather than finish Shane off, he lays down on the mat instead and drapes Shane's unconscious arm over him and lets him pin him. (Taker was actually signaling to Vince and Stephanie that The Authority's reign of power was about to end.) The idea is that Taker had a change of heart near the end and realized that killing The Authority off for good was more noble than just garnering another victory for himself and he was willing to lose the match by his own volition in order to accomplish it.

    If by any chance this is Taker's final match (which I seriously, seriously doubt, but let's say it is), you could even have Vince get in Taker's face in the build-up to it and promise to him that if he loses, his career is over and done with for good, no if, and, or but's. In that case, it really would be the ultimate sacrifice on Taker's part, since he would be making the decision to end his own career just to bring The Authority down with him.

    Not really something I want to see happen and there's certainly a plethora of reasons as to why many would hate it, but it's something that came to mind and I thought I would throw it out there to discuss. It just seems a little too obvious that Shane is losing and with it being such a historical Wrestlemania and all, it makes me think something unforeseeable might happen here.
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  2. I actually like this idea and it plays to Undertaker's character very well. He is a lone wolf. He don't answer to authority and he would rather take a loss then see them have their way. I can definitely see this happening. It doesn't sound at all ridiculous when you look at every angle surrounding this. It keeps Shane stable and Undertaker looking strong and rebellious.
  3. Not trying to copy you at all. Rather, I seriously thought this when this match was announced. Never said it, but yeah it's a great idea
  4. I don't see that scenario happening, even if it ended up being Taker's last WM match after all.
  5. Only lay dawn for him if it's his last WrestleMania match.
  6. It might be very well be. Maybe. If it is, he should lay down. But that's only
    If Shane is sticking around for real.
  7. This isn't a horrible concept given Undertaker's nature. I hypothesized last year that Taker's demise would come by his own hand. I envisioned a scenario where he'd shut the casket in on himself after a eulogy Wyatt cut the night after Mania.

    Nevertheless, I'm not sure if Taker will lie down right after the bell or sometime after the match has taken place. Will Taker have some sort of epiphany during battle? Could this be a nod to the original Star Wars trilogy where Darth Vadar sacrifices himself to save his son, Luke?

    I doubt this is how the match will be booked. Ending the match this way will could leave the wrong lasting impression. Instead of celebrating Shane's mutiny, social media will be talking about Undertaker's sacrifice.

    I'm not opposed to this idea just unsure if WWE wants to paint themselves into a corner. Shane has a full time job and the Authority is bound to return to power eventually, anyway.
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