Will the WHC be stripped from Sheamus?

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  1. The whole storyline with Sheamus is about the brogue kick and it has been going on for a while now, even made promos about it and "banned" it as well. Booker said he'd strip Sheamus' title if he used the brogue kick again.

    I think Sheamus will win against ADR at NoC and use brogue kick either during or after the match. Booker comes out and strips the title from him. Someone else gets the title soon and Ziggler cashes in on that person. Sheamus and Barrett start to feud later on.

    That's the only way I see Sheamus losing the title. Ziggler could only cash in against Sheamus is when he is knocked out. Super Sheamus is never down.

    Anyone else think this might happen?
  2. Nice call, I've given up on that storyline so I never even knew that stipulation was added.
  3. I'm the same, I'm not really invested in the Sheamus/ADR feud it's gone on long enough and it's boring. Faster the title is gone from Sheamus, the faster I'll be more invested in that title.

    I hope he uses the brogue kick, and get's his title taken away.
  4. Nah that too hard for WWE to think of! I say Del Rio going to win the World Title this Sunday. Maybe Figger cash in on Del Rio but I don't think so in less after Del Rio win the title and Sheamus give Del Rio a brogue kick if that have been think Figger will cash in! Other why I don't she Figger cash in at NOC!
  5. I don't think so... although it could happen, I guess. Let's see.
  6. I think if he wins he will win by the Texas Cloverleaf.
  7. Indeed, I could see Sheamus simply winning clean with the Cloverleaf and continuing his reign without cash-ins or anything.
  8. Randy still calling him Figger is gold.
  9. He even says it in his videos.
  10. fucking bullshit!!! brogue kick now banned anymore stupid bookerT!
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