Will the WWE eventually release Randy Orton for failing more drug tests?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Franklin, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. I thought Jeff Hardy was the only guy who can't pass a drug test to save his life. We all know Randy Orton has been suspended twice for violating the drug policy. I've heard the WWE has a 3 strike rule and the 3rd strike means hello underemployment. Randy Orton is one of the WWE's top stars. How many more fail tests do you think the WWE will just suspend Orton before firing him?
  2. Randy won't be fired IMO, he apparently got away with a lot of shit in the old days as he was Vince's golden boy. I really can't see that changing tbh.
  3. If he gets his third strike then he has to be fired, but that doesn't mean he'll be gone. He'd be fired and then back a year after. Atm no, he'll be pushed like he was before, he's too much of a main eventer.
  4. WWE has no choice but to fire him. But make no doubt, he'll be signed back up as soon as the one year is up.
  5. Is it not possible they'd sweep it under the rug as his 3rd offense? They aren't forced to act upon any drug test via a governing body so I guess it's plausible they could.
  6. I'm sure they are forced, it's in their policy of some sort. It states there 3 offences will result in you getting released and must serve a year away from WWE IIRC.
  7. Wasn't he caught for weed the 1st test?


    So theoretically he would need to be caught two more times before he's fired, providing these are correct. I can't see it happening tbh.


    It may be official company policy but I'm speculating it may be avoided in certain cases with their major stars, say for example if Cena was caught before his match with Rock at WM, they'd cover it up to maintain the match card. Just wild speculation of a filthy business tbh.
  8. Yeah I'm in disbelief that WWE take action on fake weed but not legitimate weed, I'm unsure. The point was though if he failed three times they have to take action, it's in their policy. WIll they? I don't know, if they were as prideful and sneaky as that then I'm guessing they wouldn't have publicly named some recent wrestlers who failed it time after time, it makes them look bad. Personally I think they would, they're very professional in terms of business, policies and such, because they have to be.
  9. Yes i think they would definitely fire him. but i have to have some faith in randy that he has enough control over himself to stay away form that stuff
  10. I could see one's push being cut after this and them being demoted to the midcard but not with Orton, I'm sure he'll be pushed the way he's always been and if he's caught he'll be away for a year, then brought back.
  11. Let's hope so
  12. Eventually!
  13. I believe he won't do it again. I read from somewhere (forgot) that he only did it to ease his back pain. WWE wouldn't let him rest up.
  14. Thats how a lot of it starts though as Foley in his biography states that he knew a lot of ppl who started with things on backpain and it got out of hand!

    I'm not having a dig at Orton there either maybe WWE as they should be more aware!
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  15. If you want to count 2006 then technically speaking Orton has been busted 3 times. His most recent suspension, the 2006 weed smoking, and in March 2007 for steroid use. Sports Illustrated busted Orton and many other wrestlers. Booker T and Chavo were the only wrestlers suspended in the 2007 bust.
  16. He's still on his second official offense then lol, if he wasn't suspended in 07 then it doesn't count as a strike. He's been suspended once for weed in 2006, then again for whatever it was in 2012. The weed doesn't count according the way they worded it, so it's like his 1st offense in case of a termination I think.
  17. As a part of their publicly-revealed internal policy and with WWE being a publicly-traded United States company, if they refused to enforce said policy, they would be in violation of several statutes under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the corporate leadership (including the members of the Board of Directors) could be charged with and tried for fraud. Now, in such an event, most of the Board would be safe, but the top members of the corporate leadership (still Vince, HHH, Laurinaitis) would all be up to be removed from their positions and possibly face jail time.

    If Orton earns a third strike, he will have to be fired. If there is a limitation to how long he would have to stay fired, I am unaware of it. For appearance's sake, I'm sure it would be a length of time sufficient to show their corporate displeasure, but you also have to keep in mind that WWE is a company with a reputation (earned up to the 1990's, particularly) for playing fast and loose with the rules and one that both Vince and Linda McMahon have gone out of their way to increase its positive public perception. As high as Vince (or HHH or anybody else) might be on Orton, he's still got to play by the rules. HHH was (and probably still is) a huge fan of Jeff Hardy, but both have gone on record as saying that they would never bring Jeff back without seeing real proof of his willingness to defeat his demons.

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  18. If someone's fired due to the third strike they can't be rehired for at least one year, that's the limit.
  19. thats not too long tbh. i would have figured longer
  20. Thanks. I didn't know if that was for sure or if it was just what everybody was thinking.

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