Will there be a new belt?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Since Orton is now the world heavyweight wwe blah blah blah..... Are they going to go with a new belt eventually? Or just get rid of one of them?


    Also, which belt looks better? I'll go with WHC
  2. Walking out with two belts just looks better and the WWE title is ugly so the WHC then.
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  3. Most likely they'll just dump the WHC and keep the WWE Title that they have now seeing as how they only just unveiled the new design for it last year. I can't see them creating another brand new design so soon, and no chance the WHC stays.
  4. If they're not going to make the US Title more prevalent they should've kept them separated.
  5. I'd like a new belt, but So far they seem to like him carrying both around, but hopefully we'll get the Eagle belt!
  6. I read a while back that after WM that Orton will get rid of the WHC and carry around the WWE title but who knows.
  7. I heard that they were splitting the titles up after mania so yeah. I like having 2 separate titles, I just wish they would have a brand split and make the whc mean something
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  8. Yeah heard that too hope they do that.
  9. The WHC is a WCW belt, naturally, they would keep the other one. That and they just released it not to long ago.
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  10. I liked the setup with the two championships separated, I feel like there's a lot of top notch superstars that deserved the chance at the WHC or WWE belt now that there's only one unified champion it's a pretty crowded picture for the belt.
  11. I think that they will keep the WWE title belt.
    But I would like to see a new belt. And WHC looks so much better than WWE title.
    But if they will do a new, I want that they keep the customize platelet.
  12. Fixed :tough:
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