Will there be a new 'Real American'?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Honestly I haven't heard much discussed about this and just am curious to see what everyone thinks.

    So after the events this past Monday night with Cesaro leaving Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger's 'Real Americans' stable that leaves Jack by himself.. for the moment?

    Do you guys think they will keep the stable alive by just adding a new member? or do you think Colter will just manage Swagger in the singles division for awhile?


    It's a tough call for me honestly, I think Jack Swagger could still find a place in the singles division but with the Tag team division looking the way it is I think they should look into finding a replacement for Cesaro. Also there are just a ton of other people in the Singles division that I think deserve more of a chance at a main event spot than Swagger; Cesaro being one of those..

    Now while I think he should be in the Tag Team Division with someone, I do think he should have a feud with Cesaro for the 'betrayal'.

    What if Ryback and Curtis Axel joined up with the Real Americans to get revenge on Heyman for dumping them? Perhaps Sandow?
  2. Alberto Del Rio
  3. They need to let it go lol. The whole "We The People" raections ended when Cesaro went to Heyman. Did you see this weeks Main Event? Sure, when they stood in the ring during the pre-match promo they got a mild reaction from the crowd but when Swagger did it? - Nothing. Cesaro WAS the real americans lol. Nobody cares about Swagger - cept Zeb.
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  4. I'm on the fence in regards to potentially adding a new member to The Real Americans.

    I do think that the crowds will still give a mild enough reaction to the 'We the people' chant to warrant adding another member but I'm not sure who they would insert in to the group. I don't think Swagger has a chance in hell of becoming a main-eventer now that we only have one heavyweight title, I'm not even sure that he could bring anything significant to the mid-card titles either.
  5. Really, I wonder if the "Real American" gimmick should just stay with Cesaro. Not sure how his crowd pops will be, but the crowds identify the "We the People" chant with him and always have.
  6. Here's what I expect. WWE is going to try to push Swag as a legit competitor to Cesaro, probably 3-5 weeks of matches where they face each other in tag matches, or Swag goes over a Sin cara/Sandow style guy. If WWE adds another real american, they pretend it never existed when people boo a cesaro vs swagger match 1-3 months down the line. This dogshit dies with Cesaro going team Heyman, at best zeb and swag can sneak out another 2 months of being on Raw before they are out, and Swag is Smackdown only.

    I'd bet the we the people chants when Heyman absolutely destroys them via promo in the next couple weeks.
  7. Dutch'll stick around as long as he wants to, even if it's only in a backstage role. He and Heyman are the last of the old-school bookers and the storylines they get input on always seem to work.

    As for Swagger/the Real Americans stable, I can see them trying to add Rybaxel to the group. Neither Ryback or Axel knows how to talk and they definitely need some coaching up. I just don't know if those two guys will take what Dutch says and put it into use, along the lines of what Cesaro did. The sad thing, of course, is that any one of those three guys could have a tremendous career if they were willing to do what it took.

  8. I never said he couldnt be backstage, but he wont be on RAW for or after Summerslam, hell RAW after MITB (if Cesaro wins) could be his last show, and only for Heyman to bury him more (or help Cesaro dip out - which i know is too early - and go face)

    They could add both tbh, but none would do shit. Honestly I can literally think of no one who Zeb could run with outside of swaggie. Miz can speak well enough for himself, Kofi clearly wouldnt be down, and Ryder and Ziggler could speak for themselves. Woo woo woo.
  9. Angle/Swagger Real Americans....one can only hope
  10. I think you're discounting the aid to their careers that a solid manager could be in terms of reality. The best things Joe Hennig and Ryan Reeves have done in their careers were done while they were working with Paul Heyman, mainly because, for the most part, they took the advice he offered in and out of the ring. If they had the support/advice of Dutch Mantell in their ears, it could help. I'm not saying him working with those two would be automatic wrestling gold (I mean, it hasn't done much for Swagger, but the story seems to be that he didn't take to advice like Cesaro did), but it might improve their characters, if they're willing to listen.

  11. I wont argue it. What I will argue is the screentime afforded for that in their first months, which is most likely the time fans will be most interested.

    For example look at Rusev. IDK what he is saying, i dont care. He was setup to come to WWE perfectly. Adam Rose has not been. Hell for anyone who doesnt watch NXT they will think Bo Dallas is the worst gimmick idea ever, but he will make them hate him naturally, and will end up eating up JarJar Binks time on RAW to do so. Generico needs big matches, and Hunico as Cara can do that, so unless Zeb goes viva la mexico, i dont see him coming up anytime soon to be good. The roster is too big at this point already.
  12. All honesty, the team was great because of Cesaro, I was ok with the Solo act on RAW, but on Main Event, it lacked Cesaro, the team was Cesaro featuring Jack Swagger. Unless Swagger gets some new adds to his gimmick, the Real American group will become nothing and a waste of Colter who is GOAT. There is no one on the roster who can fill the Superman's gap he left
  13. Did we just take a turn in this conversation? I'm confused.

  14. I think it'd be a good idea. Not a big fan of Swagger as a singles wrestler, I think the ideal place for the guy on the card is in a tag team, so since they still have this thing with Zeb going, why not add someone? It's easy to fit people into the character. And if the crowd doesn't go along with We the People anymore, well, they're a heel team, it's alright. Obviously it'd be a little different, but I think it could work.
  15. Tell that to your wife.
  16. No, dude, seriously. We were talking about Jack Swagger, Curtis Axel, and Ryback, and, all the sudden, we were talking about Bo Dallas, Generico, and Hunico.

    It just threw me, that's all.

  17. There's only one true real American brother

  18. They'll probably run with Swagger as a singles guy for awhile. Or maybe not. But I can definitely see Ryback and Curtis Axel being added to The Real Americans and making it a trio sooner than later. They have nothing else better to do and I can easily picture Axel and Ryback standing with Zeb Coulter in the ring and putting their hands on their chests alongside Swagger and saying "We... The People." Plus, Coulter can say that he tried to have faith that a foreigner could be a real American but Cesaro disappointed him and proved to be just as untrustworthy as any other foreigner that he's ever known, so instead, he's gonna stick with only true born people from the United States from now on and he's gonna start by taking in two guys whom Paul Heyman failed with, and that's Ryback and Curtis Axel (it's a good way for him to get a last dig in on Heyman after the Cesaro & Heyman/Swagger & Coulter rivalry officially concludes.)
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  19. Ahhh i thought i was in the bring up NXT guys thread when I posted that. Whammy.
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  20. Lol....I had just been reading that thread, then I switched over here and read your post. I wondered.

    Before that, it confused me for a moment.

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