Will they do the unthinkable~/

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  1. Khali has to be at the end of his career more or less and he's returning shortly, are they going to push him as a heel just for the India money/exposure?
  2. He deserves one last WHC run IMO. He is an underrated performer and a huge draw in India. He has a pretty nice moveset, what with the chops and all.
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  5. For a second I thought you were serious, god dammit.

    I'm not sure if WWE will do it or not. I'm 99% sure they know the majority of fans dislike watching him, period. But money > fan sanctification in WWE and it will be for years to come.
  6. I think they should just release him.
  7. You don't say.
  8. Just airing my opinion, didn't expect the sarcastic comment, Then again maybe I did. :dawg:
  9. I don't think they'll have him in a last run as a heel... he'll have a relatively impactful return for a midcarder (interrupting a random heel or being a "surprise" entrant in a Battle Royal instead of his theme just hitting out of nowhere and him coming out for a normal match), and continue what he normally does. Barely walk down the ramp, limp around the ring, almost injure/injure talented guys and bury a few of them. They could feed him to Ryback or have a low/midcarder heel beat him clean for a rub though.
  10. Make him win WHC, keep it for a few weeks. Dolph's cashes in, wins.
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  12. I want to see this happen just to watch sheamus lose to the worst wrestler ever
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    Just get rid of him completely.
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