Will they swerve us and turn him heel?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Will they swerve us, and have Cena cut a heel promo saying he's not cashing in tonight because he doesn't feel like it or whatever, only to have Punk fight against say, Big Show, then cash in after the match and heel turn?

    Just a thought. This would be a good time to turn him heel IMO.
  2. That's quite the underwhelming way for Cena to turn heel.
  3. If I was paid what the writers were, I'd have a better idea.

    But I'm not, so.... :finger:
  4. I would fucking mark out if Cena turned heel tonight
  6. Nope, Cena will only turn at Mania IMO, it's the biggest turn currently in pro wrestling.
  7. IF it EVER have been?
  8. :dawg:

    For the record, the reason I think it would be underwhelming is because it seems like something Cena would do when he's already a heel. I think his eventual heel turn (after all these years of being a babyface and the face of the company and hero to all the children) would have to be a lot more serious than just cashing in his MITB contract on a weakened opponent to win his 27th world title.
  9. Only way Cena going Heel is if his stuff stops selling
  10. Cena turn heel on RAW? :haha:
  11. I bet £100 that this wont happen.
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