Will they trim the beard?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. So as seen in another thread, WWE have apparently gotten a barber's chair for RAW this Monday to tie into the McMahon storyline and Daniel Bryan vs Cena, with Steph and Hunter wanting to give him a "corporate makeover". Do you actually believe they will go through with it?

    I can see them not cutting it and Bryan instead pushing that he shouldn't have to change who he is to be at the top of the WWE, to send a positive message and to also play him up as the Modern day Mick Foley who said similar things in the attitude era.

    But I can also see them giving it a bit of a trim before he lashes out. And I'd be perfectly fine with something like this:
    But with the WHC Bryan beard. The beard as it is right now is kinda ridiculously big and the hair definitely needs a trim in my opinion. No need to get rid of it all, just trim it down a bit. That way they can still sell the shirts.

    Do you think they will shave the beard? and if yes, how?
  2. The look he has in that picture is perfect, imo. I do enjoy his current lengthy beard though.
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    I don't think they'll touch it all. Probably just a way to get the beard "over" and sell more shirts :cole:

    Expect a lot of :no: 's from Bryan and the crowd.
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  4. I like to call it Chuck Norris Bryan.
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  5. OH HEYUL NO! :wtf:

    That's a big part of his drawing power...
  6. There's too much manscaping going around today. The only people who don't have beards are women & children. Daniel Bryan's a man, he has a beard!
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  7. If they cut his beard, I am done with WWE!
  8. I hope not. Cut his hair, make him more presentable, but don't get rid of the beard. Trim it? I can accept that, but don't cut it all off.
  9. I would be fine, like Crayo said, if they trimmed it a little but not cut the entire thing off, I would be so pissed. The beard represents Bryan. So, trim (a little) would be ok, but cutting it off ,HELL NO!
  10. lmfao. I wouldn't go that far. A trim would be okay imo, but the beard is sort of his thing now.
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  11. Hope they don't. I like Bryan's current look tbh. Trimmed... Well, trimmed would be acceptable...
  12. I agree. The hair looks retarded, but the beard is perfect. I'd prefer he goes buzzed on top with the super long beard.
  13. The obvious scenario here is that Bryan refuses to let the McMahons change him and shape him into what they perceive to be their perfect Corporate image of what a superstar and possibly future world champion should look like. It goes right along with the fact that Bryan is a fan favorite already - a person who isn't the biggest guy (smaller than the majority of successful WWE superstars, actually) or the most physically appealing guy, but he's as beloved as he is anyway. Why should he change for anybody when it's clear he doesn't need to? WWE will use this as a positive message to send to people in real life (especially their younger viewers) I'm sure, showing that there are good traits in people beyond just what they look like on the outside and that people should accept one another based on those. I could see Bryan even asking the crowd if they think he should become clean shaven, and they chant NO (instead of YES, you see) repeatedly at the top of their lungs. This whole thing is to further get Bryan over on the basis of being loved and successful in spite of not having the standard WWE look. Vince has realized it in real life and now his asshole character on TV will be forced to accept it as well.

    On a personal level though, I prefer him with the short hair and normal beard, like he was in early/mid 2012. Yes, he was already massively over before he grew the beard out anyway. I know the beard gives him a distinct look, which is why he shouldn't shave it off, but still. In keeping the beard though, I'd still prefer if he cut his hair short again and at least trimmed the beard a little bit.
  14. Just thought.

    Imagine if Bryan came out dressed like Right to Censor.
  15. Given the new merchandise they'll probably only trim a little off or Daniel Bryan could find a way out of it all together.
  16. Hope so. He looked really cool when he was holding the US title
  17. I hope so, he'd like like the American Dragon again and not like a midget pedophile.
  18. Don't think they should change his look at all. Him refusing to do so in the segment will be good.
  19. Trim it a bit but make sure that Bryan just tells Vince that he's over for who he is, not for being like Vince loves his stars to be. AKA jacked up, with presentable hair but catchphrases like "FEED ME MORE" and "RYBACK RULES"
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