Royal Rumble Will this help the Ascension?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 20, 2015.

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  1. On the RAW reunion special that was done this Monday night there was a pretty awesome segment between The Ascension, nWo, APA and DX.. During which the 3 legendary teams took turns taking shots at The Ascension due to their disrespect for interrupting the reunion... This coming after a few weeks of simply being involved in squash matches mostly..


    Announced on the reunion special is that The Ascension will have a match at the Royal Rumble, versus whom? The tag team of Billy Gunn and Road Dogg.. So my question is will this be a match that will help the Ascension get slightly or even a good amount of over with the watchers in the WWE Universe?


  2. Probably doesn't help that the tag team division is all of what - 4 or 5 teams outside of the Ascension?

    Miz and Mizdow (break up looming I assume)
    Gold and Star Dust
    The Usos
    Los Matadores
    Kidd and Cesaro

    Did I miss anyone?
  3. Heath Slater & Titus O'Neil and A New Day you missed :emoji_slight_smile: and that could be three seperate tag teams.. Most likely gonna be Sin Cara & Kalisto sooner rather than later especially with that break up of Miz & Sandow coming.
  4. Oh yeah - A new Day

    I haven't seen Slator Gator for awhile now. They're still a thing?

    Just saw an article today on Kalisto getting called up soon so I bet you are right!
  5. They are but I think Heath Slater is still dealing with some legal issues so they're on hiatus I imagine.
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    I'd like to think so, yes. Them going over The NAO at the Rumble should be able to get 'em ready and over.

    As much as I enjoyed the legends beating up The Ascension, I don't think that helped 'em a lot in the long run. But, it's definitely given 'em some attention/direction, other than squashing some jabronis on a weekly basis.

    On another note, both JBL and Maggle have been shitting on the boys ever since coming up on the main roster. The only guy who tried to put 'em over is Booker and kudos to him.

    I haven't been impressed by The Ascension on the main roster yet, mainly because they've been doing squash matches and it's all been done to death on NXT.
  7. This is what I was afraid of, really. Them killing the NAO and then (hopefully at WM but they can't drag it out that long) the APA will be fantastic, but once they get stuck in this muck, it'll be a problem.

    I love each of these individual acts. LOVE them. But they've run the well dry on almost all the potential matchups they can do, and when we get tired of the Ascension facing all these teams over and over each week on Raw, then what?

    This is why I'd love the brand split back, because compare the Ascension to the Usos. The Ascension on NXT won the belts, they were booked like killers, dominating everyone who stood in their way, and then there was finally a team that took them out. They were pissed and in their moment of fury some Asian dude came in and kicked both their asses, so they put him and his friend over... then what was there to do? Go after the NXT Tag Titles again? Beat up Dillinger and Jordan? No, they went up to the main roster... Now, look at the Usos, who the crowd is turning on because there's not much for them to do than "try to become Tag Team Champions!" and nowhere for them to go but down... Guess this isn't explained well :haha: but you catch my drift.
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  8. It gets them attention and some direction instead of just randomly beating up teams or squash matches. I think its good for the long run if they book them right.
  9. The Acension just isn't working for me, these guys just seem plain to me, nice theme song, but boring gimmick. A legend squash is something i've seen in the past so many times, it's nothing special anymore
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