Hell in a Cell Will this HIAC Be Better Than 2014's?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. Forgot what happened? --> WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 results

    I want to say it will be because of Brock alone but they could make it completely predictable which would make me say last year's was better.

    What do you think?
  2. 100% yes, last years card sucked.
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  3. Definitely, the fact alone that we're getting Lesnar in a cell will make it worthwhile. Not to mention that there might be a possible Tyler Breeze debut.

    Just kidding, I'd rather watch Ryback/Show again.
  4. :notsure:
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  5. The divas match will definitely be better... HITC PPV's are usually a let down.
  6. Last year, the only match I enjoyed was Dean vs Seth. So, this will be better.
  7. It SHOULD be better given the card, but knowing WWE... They can stink it up to a whole 'nother level.
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  8. This card is better. By a long shot.
  9. I agree, Rainmaker.

    I am going to assume it will be. The card itself is better and I imagine the Lesnar and Taker match will be good. Plus Cena's open challenges are usually pretty good. And mostly the PPVs are picking up the Raw slack lately.
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  10. But last year's show had Cena and Orton's umpteenth PPV match against each other. No way this show can top that.
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  11. I am begining to think something good may come from this ppv that will make future raws more enjoyable.

    (other than john cena taking a vk)
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  12. Optimism gets you nowhere with this company, unfortunately.
  13. Shhh! It is 1997 and I still have my dreams!!!
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  14. Keep dreamin', buddy. I'm in 2015, so... Hope things have changed once you're here. lel
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  16. I didn't watch last year, and holy shit I'm glad I didn't. lol

    Lesnar makes everything watchable if not entertaining.
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  17. I'll play contrarian and say "no". Really liked Ambrose vs Rollins before the stupid finish, plus Ziggler vs Cesaro was awesome. Doubt there's going to be anything on this card that's going to be as good as those two things were.

    If you want to say there's nothing on this card that's going to be as bad as Cena vs Orton or Rusev vs Big Show, that's fair too. Certainly won't be.

    Watched a highlight video of last year's show and Alicia was in Paige's corner, holy shit I don't even remember this. :lol1: Was weird, on a Raw show where nothing ever happens, a lot has changed in the last year lol
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  18. Dean and Rollins was amazing and that's the only thing that could be said for the PPV last year.

    This year, we have bray and reigns. Taker and Brock. Those 2 alone make this PPV better. In addition, we have the cena open challenge and him possibly dropping the belt. Then we have the dudleys and new day. KO and ryback. It's all better.
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  19. Last years show:
    1. IC title match was 2 out of 3 falls between two fantastic performers
    2. Brie Bella actually had a spine with an impressive backstory to support the match.
    3. Last year's Tag title match featured Dusty's boys, not fan fodder like this year's.
    4. Rusev was a true threat.
    5. AJ Lee was still hot off her marriage to CM Punk.
    6. Dean Ambrose (a legit crowd pleaser) was hot going in to that match. Given his age, size and mic work, optimism as the company's new guy had some legs.

    This year's show:
    1. A lame duck MITB holder.
    2. A U.S title match does have legit heat, I admit, but the U.S title will drop in value if Cena loses. Him losing it at a B-PPV is even worse than losing it on a potential all time moment on RAW.
    3. A series of matches that are beyond predictable, that pop simply on name value.

    Neither Lesnar nor Taker will be present Monday night so why give a sh*t? I suppose if one were a 10 year old, this card would seem interesting.
    The fallout from last year's match was pretty epic when you consider what happened not so long after.
    This year, the fallout will disappoint you. I can almost guarantee it.
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  20. It's the perspective of enjoying the memorable match and excitement of that one match more than this whole card, even if this show has much more depth than last year.
    Depends on the Cena Open Challenge, mainly. It could be an awesome moment and a great way to pay off the angle.

    I'm with A.M.F about this show in a sense, because there were so much optimism about the Ambrose push, there were many more over characters, the product was simply in a much better place. That made that show feel more impactful even though, again, it was lacking depth. This is just another show. While it's full of rematches that won't have any impact for the future or have you feeling much by the end of it, the wrestling should be solid. Your argument's valid, so enjoy it! :emoji_slight_smile:

    Although Reigns vs Wyatt can be anywhere from "pretty good" to "catastrophically bad". We shall see. Happy to not know how that's going to go.
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