Will Triple H go out on his back?

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  1. An old tradition in wrestling is to "go out on your back", aka putting someone else over/losing in your final match. This tradition is supposed to be as old as wrestling itself. And still active today. Flair went out on his back in his last WWE match (him showing up in TNA non withstanding), HBK went out on his back, Regal lost, Batista took the pin in his last match (to date at least). But Triple H makes an interesting case.

    On one hand, he's very old school. He was broken into the business the old school ways and with these old school values. But on the other hand we have the side of him that the internet seems to enjoy talking about, the "Am I going the fuck over?" side of him.

    When Hunter hangs up the boots, do you see him putting over a younger guy and eating a pin/tapping out? Or will Hunter go out as "the king"?
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  2. I think he will be going out on his back. Not sure if one of the young guys will be put over or if one of his older protégé's (Orton) will have the honour. Think he's going out on his back nonetheless.
  3. I am confident that he will. I have always felt that Triple H has a stronger respect for tradition than anyone in WWE, actually. He's definitely loyal to wrestling. He's done a whole lot of good for wrestling and I am sure he'll continue that way.

    We also have seen that even though he is in a position of influence, he still will lose to someone else if it is needed.

    I am not trying to say he is completely selfless. By going out on his back, he will have traditionalists praise him for doing so. I am also sure that for all the praise that gets heaped on him for his recent accomplishments, I am he likely revels in it all. However, he doesn't have a "win every match no matter what" complex, say like Hulk Hogan. I am sure he'll see the benefit of adhering to tradition. It's really not like him to refuse to lay down for another opponent, either. So I think it's a safe bet.
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  4. He'll definitely lay down. Just this last year he's put over DB and the Shield too.
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  5. HHH put over DB and the Shield like Leo said. He will be glad to put someone over in his retirement match.

    I don't think he needs to retire any time soon though. He can wrestle a few matches a year until he is old as fuck more than likely.
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  6. I think he definitely will. He's a man of tradition, and as everyone knows, one of the main tenets and traditions of the wrestling business is that you always lose your last match. There's exceptions, of course, but I think HHH will do the right thing and put someone over big when it comes time to strap the boots on one last time (that's assuming he even ends up having an official retirement match, who knows.) Recent times have shown that he's more lenient now about putting guys over than he's ever been now that he's no longer a full-time wrestler with a spot to protect.

    Or maybe I'm wrong and he'll just book himself to beat the entire roster in his last match to "show he's still got it" and then retire on top.
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  7. If he ever has a "retirement match/last match" that's booked as such, then, yes, he will definitely put over his opponent. I think it's 50/50 on whether it's a young up-and-comer (the Sami Zayn/Hideo Itami/Finn Balor of today) or a long-time nemesis/opponent/rival (Orton, DBD, guys like that).

    What I think is more likely, however, is that we don't ever see a match booked as his "last match/retirement match". He can continue to wrestle for a long time yet, as he's still in great shape and we see the examples of guys being in "authority roles" on television who can "strap 'em up" and fight a match into their 50's and 60's, so long as they're able. There's nothing guaranteeing we won't see him in-ring in 20 years, if he's still able, just like we saw his father-in-law still taking on occasional opponents into his 60's (and he wasn't even an in-ring guy by trade). The important thing to remember is that Vince usually lost in the end, and I have a feeling that's a lesson well-learned by HHH.

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  8. If he does have a last match officially, he definitely would, thinking he'll put over Seth or Orton or the newer guys like Steen/Zayn/Balor. Cant really see anyone else, unless he gets HBK to come back for one last match :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. It's strange how the IWC now has love for Triple H. He use to get so much heat on the Internet back in the day for his 20 minute promos and immaturity. Nowadays he's a bright spot and willing to put somebody over. That doesn't mean he won't bury you though.
  10. I'll always love him for burying the "summer of punk"
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    I've always loved Triple H, whether he is in the ring or now behind the scenes.

    Yeah, Triple H got heat for his long promos and for constantly getting the championship back, but the majority of that time he was a heel. That just tells me he was doing his job well. I didn't always like those long promos but I always liked him regardless.

    Also, a lot of people are praising his behind the scenes role nowadays and that's a much different animal. I know several people who hated him when he wrestles, but respect greatly what he does behind the scenes.

    For me, I've loved the guy since he was Terra Ryzing.
  12. Well, I'd love to see Triple H with the victory at Wrestlemania but that's not going to happen, Triple H is going to lose another Wrestlemania and just only because "That's best for bussines" .
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  13. I have a feeling he will go out on his back. Recent history has showed he has no trouble putting over people when needed. I have a feeling when it's his last match, he'll go out with a loss. It'll be a pretty sad day to see Hunter go, whenever that day is.
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  14. I think that nowadays, Triple H can see the bigger picture, and ironically enough, knows a lot about what's going to be best for business. I could see his retirement match being against an NXT guy of his choice, so he can put over someone he's tried so hard to build up into a WWE star.
  15. It's not like he doesn't put over people often. His semi-retired run is basically him losing to put guys over, the only dishonorable mention being him going over punk back in 2011, which was not that bad, really.
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  16. I'm trying to think of someone who didn't do the job in their last match and literally nobody comes to mind. Somebody help me out here
  17. Didn't Edge beat Del Rio in his last match?
  18. True, but I'm not sure about the timetable of when exactly Edge found out he was going to have to retire. If he knew during the build toward that match that he was retiring and still went over ADR that is weird... leads me to believe he/WWE probably did not know at the time that it would be his final match.
  19. Going into the day of WrestleMania they must've known that there was a big probability that Edge would need to retire. With that being said, I think that they wouldn't have changed the result regardless, unless Edge pushed to put over Del Rio. If I were them I would've had Del Rio go over, but I don't fault WWE for wanting Edge to have one last 'Mania moment if they knew that he was going to retire.
  20. Isn't Vince known to ride horses until they are dead and beaten tho? If doctors told Vince that there was a chance that Edge would have to retire Vince would probably still run with Edge as a full timer until told otherwise.

    It did take Mick foley telling him that he was forgetting where he lived for him to take Mick of the road for example.