Will Two Former UFC stars collide at WWE Extreme Rules PPV?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by APE12A, Mar 8, 2014.

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  1. There`s been some murmurs about a UFC star possibly joining the WWE.. Stephan Bonnar has been rubbing shoulders with some WWE superstars lately. He was interviewed on Steve Austin’s Podcast the other week and he even made an appearance at RAW!
    So I put two and two together and reached out to him to ask him the question!!
    Is it true you have sights on entering the WWE?
    Stephan: Well, I have thought about it in the past and I was able to be there live at Raw the other week and I thought I can do this!!
    Who would you like to fight?
    Stephan: well, you know The WWE have an Extreme rules PPV and I sure would love to fight on there
    Any names come to mind?
    Stephan: A perfect fight would be Vs Brock Lesnar!! May 4 in Jersey!!!
    I guarantee to give Brock a Beating of his life!! I won`t stop until he begs me mercy, & his mother apologizes for birthing such a brainless Neanderthal.
    Why Brock?
    Stephan: You Know, I`m a better Boxer, Kicker, Muay Thai and Jiujutsu... all round better martial artist. I can eat punches all day and I will keep coming forward. Unlike Lesnar, He gets punched once and he backs up cowering in the fetal position...Brock Is a meathead wrestler... A one trick pony!!
    I think the American Psycho wants in on this May 4 Extreme rules PPV. Have you spoken to Brock at all?
    Stephan: I’m waiting for him to take this fight. Brock is a big strong guy but, the brains of a field mouse!! Let`s do this!!
    Well, Psycho thanks for your time!
    Let’s make this Happen hit up @TripleH @VinceMcMahon @stephMcMahon @BrockLesnar @Stephanbonnar on Twitter....GO!!
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  2. Holy Shit this match would be great!
  3. nobody cares about Stephan Bonnar lol
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  4. this. Why would lesnar waste his time.
  5. I have no idea who Stephen Bonnar even is (and little desire to look him up) but yeah, they're not gonna use a Lesnar appearance on a fight that no one would care about. If this guy came in and got over as a full-time WWE superstar and then squared off with Lesnar, it MIGHT work, but coming in for one fight that's being promoted in a wrestling ring instead of the Octagon where it should be? Meh.

    Remember when Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn were both part of the WWF in 1998 and they teased them going at it in the hopes that people would be excited to see it because of their past history in the UFC? No one cared about that then, and no one will care about this either.
  6. lockard regressing back into old lockard. boooo
  7. Yeah, fuck Bonnar.
  8. I am getting bored of this UFC shite in pro wrestling, It does not belong in it.
  9. No, please no, TNA already showed us what would happen last year
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