Extreme Rules Will Undertaker wrestle at ER?

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  1. He wrestled Shield on RAW, Ambrose on SmackDown, and then took a beat down from Shield on that very SmackDown. Were those segments just to put Shield over, and so they can feud with Team Hell No for the belts, or were they reason for Undertaker to feud with these guys?

    I don't think it's been announced, so I'm genuinely unsure if Taker' is going to be there.
  2. Maybe he can wrestle Ambrose in a rematch while Rollins and Reigns win the tag team chamionships from Team Hell No? I guess that's possible, but I think Taker will sell being injured and allow The Shield to gloat about laying the Undertaker to rest (for the moment) before he returns for payback.

    Speaking of which, WWE's June PPV might be called PAYBACK for a reason. Undertaker could return after Extreme Rules and continue his feud with The Shield. I also suspect that since the Shield tried to jump Triple H once before, they'll either interfere on Lesnar's behalf in the steel cage match or attack HHH the night after. If they cost HHH the match, he could come out the next night and scream into the microphone for The Shield to just come straight at him. I'm picturing Austin's angry rant and challenge to the NWO the night after No Way Out 2002 when they cost him the title. Triple H gets destroyed and a feud between them begins. If they don't cost him the match, they could still destroy him the next night all the same.

    This could all lead to a huge six man tag team main event at Payback, with Undertaker and Triple H teaming with a third partner - John Cena, I'd imagine - to take on The Shield. And the PPV name could refer to having payback on The Shield in general, as they could take their first loss here. I mean, if they're gonna lose, is there a bigger team than those three to lose to? The fact that they would make their first loss (as a three man unit) a big enough deal to main event a PPV also says something.
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  3. Great idea. Though losing to that super team just urks me for some reason. I think I'd much rather a longer streak of dominance with a championship involved before they split, and a first loss would be the time they split imo.
  4. if it breaks up team hell no, great.
  5. They may use him (undertaker) getting injured at ER to keep the Shield's fire going.
  6. he may wrestle at E.Rules or he may take time off until after E.Rules to lead into a feud at the PPV Payback! Cen a will not be the parter in less he loseis to goldberg rip off and he NOT losing the wwe title this soon. maybe goldberg rip off tag with taker and hhh?
  7. My logic is that they have to lose eventually and what bigger team than Cena/HHH/Taker? Although the idea of HHH being involved in their first loss irks me for reasons that are far too obvious. But even then, a first loss doesn't automatically mean there'll be dissension in the ranks right away (similar to how Ambrose lost on Smackdown, but I doubt they'll make a big issue out of it) and HHH could do a job to someone like Roman Reigns on Raw prior to that loss, or those two could face off at Summerslam or something.

    Of course, I made a thread around five days ago about how The Shield could actually never lose as a three man group. They can lose singles matches (already have once now) and tag team matches where it's just two out of three of them wrestling and this could eventually cause tension between them (my prediction for the beginning of their split is that the WWE locker room starts to prey on them and gang attack them the way they've done everyone so far, it pretty much writes itself) but it'd be awesome to look back after the group is disbanded and say how they never lost when the three of them were in the ring together.
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  8. I think with the way they've been using him and The Shield, he'll probably face one of the members if two of them go after Team Hell No and the tag titles.
  9. Maybe it's to feud with Undertaker, HHH, and Team Hell No. Dean can feud with Undertaker and Rollins and Reigns can go against Team Hell No and cost HHH his match, or beat him up afterwardsto reveal either Brock as the fourth member of their group, or another member, since there was rumors about that. It wouldn't be that bad, as long as the fourth member is Ohno, os somebody from NXT that's good and ready. I can see the Shield going over these guys, and then after a month, start to rot from the inside and breaking up the team.
  10. Probably, but then they'll "injure" him to write him off TV. Could be Taker/Ambrose or Rollins at Mania 30 (Crayo's Dream)
  11. Taker/Ambrose is my dream. Rollins/Taker isn't, lol, imagine the dull promos.
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