Will we ever see a international wrestlemania or PPV?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Will we ever see it?

    I would love Mania in the UK or Europe because I can afford tickets to Mania but not flights etc and when its in Europe or flights are a lot cheaper. Time may be an issue but Mania at like 1PM US aint that bad is it?

    What do you think?
  2. They might do another SummerSlam in the UK at the new Wembley Stadium as Wade Barrett has said he wants to win the WHC from Sheamus(if he holds it again) at Summerslam on UK soil. Depending on sales and other things, they might do a Mania in the UK. They were meant to do Summerslam in the UK this year but dont know what made them change their mind.
  3. I dont think they will do Summerslam in the UK, Staples Center is listed as the home of SS. Shame though.
  4. Consider North America is the WWE's main core audience, I'd say it is. I want to say I could see this happening since I can picture WWE wanting to do this as a way of saying that Wrestlemania has now officially gone global, but because of issues like the time zones, I can't.
  5. They were looking at venues in the UK, they had shortlisted 3, Wembley Stadium, Millenium Stadium and Old Trafford. I would like to see a Mania here in the UK. im guessing they would hold it at Wembley since its the biggest venue that could hold a event like Mania
  6. I would buy ringside seat.
  7. Same here, i would buy ringside seats :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I think they don't do it because WWE is an American company, Wrestlemania is the most important PPV for WWE and making it in Europe doesn't make sense imo. It's like making tribute to the troops in Canada for example where the number of militaries we have there is 0 or a number near 0
  9. I can understand that their American fanbase is their biggest, but when they come to Europe, most if not all of the shows are sold out. We are their second biggest fanbase and I can understand the time differences might cause problems along with the cost of getting things over here plus the week of Axxes they do before Mania, its going to be a major headache for them. But still, we can wish for a PPV here again
  10. You said it all. Well, yeah, you can have a PPV in Europe but I don't think Mania will ever be aired from the UK. Also the show is 4 hours so they should start there like about 6, 7 or 8pm, here that's about 1,2 or 3pm; but in the west coast it may be about 2 hour less so it would be like 11am if it starts at 6am there. That may be a huge problem
  11. I can see them do Summerslam here in the possible future, Mania is probably a distant dream but hey we can still dream XD
  12. Sure you can, hope someday you get it, or something like a WM house show or something...
  13. Wrestlemania - not any time soon imo.
    Summerslam or another PPV - definitely possible.

    Wembley stadium should be the venue, or Old Trafford. They have to consider it.
  14. Wembley is the better choice, i dont mind going to Old Trafford too but Wembley seems the main choice to me anyway
  15. tbh i would like for any PPV to be held in the UK but i would love for a WM to be held at Wembley
  16. As a Welshman, I would cream if they did a PPV, hell; even a taped RAW at the Millenium Stadium <3
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  17. Mill stad < Webley :sandow:
  18. Spain ftw. WM 50
  19. It's our PPVs dammit :jbl: First you take our jobs now you're trying to take our PPVS?! :angry:

  20. :umad:
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