Extreme Rules Will we get a debut at Extreme Rules?

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  1. Pretty simple topic. Do you see the WWE debuting someone new at Extreme Rules? There's an article on WWE.com hinting at their being a third Heyman guy which could be interpreted as a hint that Heyman is going to bring someone new in to help Brock win the cage match. Or just bring in another client just for the hell of it.

    Do you see WWE debuting someone new and do you have any idea of who?
  2. Please be Ohno or Generico!!!!!!!
  3. Kassius should debut. He's the closest to getting called up.
  4. They aren't going to debut Sami Zayn directly on TV. He's going to go through NXT first to develop a character. Plus he's a babyface mainly wrestler. Why would he side with Heyman in kayfabe?
  5. If they are debuting someone my guess would be Ohno, it makes sense he is a close friend of Punk & he is an internet darling.

    There is also a very slim chance of an RVD sighting in my books if they go the third man route.
  6. Out of the NXT guys Ohno or Graves are the two most likely in my book. Graves has shown an interest in working with Heyman both in and out of kayfabe (he's one of the guys interviewed for the article) so I'm gonna throw him in as a possibility for being mentioned.

    If we go with not debuting someone and just bringing in a third man I'd say Cesaro. He could use the elevation from working with Heyman.
  7. Brock shouldn't need interference to help win the cage match. The whole third client scenario is best used after Brock leaves and before Punk returns. It gives Heyman something to do while his main two clients are off TV for a matter of months. Outside of that, I don't see the reason to think anyone new will appear at Extreme Rules.
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  8. I think that Paul should debut the 3rd client and then leave Brock and Phil, and focus on the client's assesion
  9. I haven't seen much of Graves so I can't say if I would want him to be the third man or not.

    The Cesaro thing is interesting, if my assumption is right that Heyman's group is only gonna be made up of Indy/"internet" guys then yes it would perfect but, I don't think Cesaro would be the third man because IMO WWE want to repackage by taking him off TV for a while & not by pushing up the card.

    Cesaro in the Heyman group would work IMO, but I just don't think WWE are going in that direction with him sadly.
  10. That would be a stupid move to have Zayn called! He hasnt worked any matches in front of WWE size crowds, No character etc.
  11. Ohno. Please.
  12. Forth member of the shield?
  13. What purpose would a fourth member serve when they are having one guy go for singles gold and the other two go for tag team gold?
  14. Another set of stairs would get some good TV time when they make their entrance.
  15. Ohno? Hm, not sure. He's just turned face on NXT, and although I know they have no relation whatsoever inside kayfabe (WWE and NXT) I wanted to see more of his work as a face to judge whether he'll be better as a face or a heel, and if he completely fails as a face (from what I heard it's unlikely but still) then I'd put him there. Being cautious because he's NXT heel work hasn't really been that good outside of the Regal feud, although it may be due to him being unmotivated due to being in developmental or because he was given a bad character, or both, who knows. So Ohno would be alright if he had a nice gimmick and was motivated when called up. Other than that, Cesaro sounds good, and Generico just no. Just debuted on NXT TV and works primarily as a face.
  16. Intresting but, there is a small change that we will see Batista back.
    Ohno would be perfect, hands down.
    I guess we can only sit back and enjoy Extreme Rules.
  17. I'd say Wyatt but the last thing he needs is a mouthpiece. Would be nice to see him debut but not as Heyman's guy.
  18. There is 0 chance of Batista returning.
  19. Wyatt,Ohno,Neville or Graves
  20. Neville, Ohno or Dallas back to the main roster
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