Will We Get The Rhodes/New Age Outlaws At Mania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Jan 18, 2014.

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  1. Since the New Age Outlaws seem to be back for the moment, who believes they could end up sticking around long enough to put over a tag team (like the Rhodes) in a big way instead of just being cannon fodder for Punk?

    Firstly, let me state that I doubt that Cody Rhodes versus Goldust is still planned for Wrestlemania. I get the feeling it'll be a little while longer before we get a match between these two. While it's still several weeks before Mania, there's no signs of dissension between them just yet and there's still some mileage to get out of them both as a team and as just two brothers looking out for each other (meaning they could go into singles competition for a short while but still have each other's backs... doing a full blown Brother vs Brother angle later on could be executed with a lot more depth than just "they lose the tag titles and then feud because they're mad at each other over it.")

    In that case, let's think back to last Fall. Cody Rhodes was fired because he lost a match to Orton, Goldust was fired for the very same, their father was assaulted and humiliated and then they teamed together and won both their jobs back as well as the tag straps from The Shield (The Authority's personal henchmen.) With all that in mind, we haven't seen them feud with The Authority at all since then but considering the whole Authority angle will culminate at Wrestlemania, I think there should be as much conflict between them and other members of the roster as possible. That means The Rhodes feuding with a tag team representing HHH and Steph, and who better to fill that role than The New Age Outlaws, given that Billy Gunn and Road Dogg are personal friends of HHH? (And the Rhodes beating the Outlaws means going over one of the most popular tag teams of all time, plus it'll coincide with the rest of The Authority - Triple H and Randy Orton - meeting their downfall at the same event as well.)

    A quick alternate scenario could be them dropping the titles to the NAO at the Chamber, feuding with each other at Mania, and then the Outlaws dropping the titles to the Usos at Mania instead.

  2. Nope. The New Age Outlaws are solely being used to setup Triple H v CM Punk for WrestleMania. They are the Authority's new bodguards after The Shield split from them, and will work on keeping anti-authority figures, like Punk, down by eliminating him in the Rumble match unfairly, for example. I imagine by they will have left by the time HHH/Punk is in full swing.

    As for the Rhodes brothers, on RAW, the commentary team made a point that they work alone in the Rumble match and reminded viewers of Cody eliminating Goldust at last year's Rumble, so that could still happen. I hope they do face each other at Mania because it's a great platform for Cody's push and they're sort of done as champions. I'd have Real Americans (c) v The Usos at Mania.
  3. The mark inside of me wants to see the Outlaws win the tag belts, so personally I'd prefer the Outlaws winning the belts somehow. As you said, I think the seeds for a Rhodes/Goldust feud should have been planted a while ago for this thing to blow up at WM, so I'm not sure here. The Usos beating the Outlaws for the belts at WM sounds like a great moment, with this team that has been together forever finally winning the belts over one of the greatest teams of all time. Considering the Usos will inevitably get more mileage than Rhodes and Goldust as a team, they should get that rub imo. Not sure where Rhodes/Goldust split up and fight in this scenario, so perhaps they'll have to drop the belts at the Rumble and have a rushed feud anyway. Not sure.
  4. On SD,
    Show Spoiler
    Vickie came out and interrupted their match vs. the NAO and made similar comments about the rumble and how it will be Brother Against Brother. Causing NAO to get the win over the Rhodes Brothers.
  5. Yeah, I saw that, too.
  6. Didn't even know they had a match on Smackdown lol. Guess I should actually start watching that show again.

    I agree though that the better idea might be to have the Rhodes drop the straps to NAO at Elimination Chamber and then have them put over The Usos at Mania because the Usos have more to get out of beating the Outlaws than the Rhodes do.
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  7. Smackdown hasn't been too bad the past few episodes, but it maybe just my taste haha.
  8. Punk v HHH I feel may be a no go however with the NAO about and looking prime. Maybe a 6 man tag of NAO and HHH and a huge DX reunion vs Punk, DZ and possibly Mysterio? The Punk team is tbc tbh but makes more sense authority wise if they piss ppl off.
  9. I don't think they will give a match to the NAO at mania, but I could be wrong. Who knows
  10. I know exactly how you feel. I've always quite enjoyed Smackdown, and appreciate the length of the matches.
  11. Exactly!!
    I watch all the programs though haha gotta be honest with myself, RAW (live all the time).. SD (live half the time).. I have ION TV but I dont watch Main Event often live cuz of work til its on Hulu, but anyway idk those pointless tapings actually have good matches on them sometimes better than a RAW or SD line-up for that night.

    ** By live for SD & Main Event I mean tapings haha, during their first release on TV.

    Prime Example from this week: Brodus Clay v Xavier Woods is one that should've been on SD but appeared only on Superstars I think this week.
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  12. I hope The Rhodes brothers loose the title to the NAO though. The Rhodes matches have been quite dry and there promos are crappy. i think the NAO would definitely make that title relevant again.
  13. It would be a bigger deal for the Usos to win from the Rhodes then the NAOs. As for Rhodes vs NAOs at WM - I can't see that happening. At least not right now anyways.
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